Best Tokyo Ghoul themes for Google Chrome

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most famous anime franchises of the last years. The adventures of Kaneki Ken and his group of friends as they battle against man-eating ghouls have become a great anime and manga hit for those who seek horror, gore and action. If you want to customize your web browser with themes of Tokyo Ghoul, then you have found the correct post. We have selected some of the best Google Chrome’s themes inspired by the manga and anime series.

There are several anime wallpapers and themes inspired in Tokyo Ghoul for your Chrome. The images include heroes and villains from different arcs of the story. Some of the most incredible themes are centered in the main protagonist of the series: Ken Kaneki, and his female companion, Touka Kirishima. However, there are hundreds of themes depicting battles from the series and secondary characters such as Renji Yomo, Yoshimura and Nishiki Nishio.

As the anime series of Tokyo Ghoul are full of blood and fights, it is not recommended as a theme for web browsers used regularly by kids. If you are going to choose a theme of Tokyo Ghoul, be careful to select one of the less violent and bloody. The series has become very famous because of the level of violence and blood, but it is also a series about courage and love.

The romantic themes inspired in the anime series depict Kaneki and Touka, but there are also other non-canon couples. Behind the creation of Chrome themes, anime fans can imagine their favorite couples even if they have not been together in the series. You can give your own web browser a different look by choosing among the vast selection of Google Chrome Tokyo Ghoul themes we have selected for you. Do not forget to avoid little ones for looking at the most violent ones.

Link: Tokyo Ghoul Chrome themes

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