5 anime videogames for your Android

Anime series and videogames are deeply intertwined. There are several videogames inspired in the most popular anime and manga series, and we have made a Top 5 with the most popular ones of 2017. These are the games that you must download to your Android device if you like anime and videogames, having the opportunity to control your favorite characters in videogames of different genres, from action to fighting games and RPG.

1. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Inspired by the legendary characters of Dragon Ball Z, the videogame from Namco Bandai is a great opportunity to fight against heroes and villains equally. The battle system uses color-matching and board games rules in order to determine the characters movements and abilities. You can fight using Goku, Picollo, Gohan and several characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Link: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

2. One Piece Treasure Cruise

The famous pirate bunch of One Piece is back to your Android device with a funny RPG. The videogame is full of the humor and action from the series, allowing you to control some of the best pirates of the One Piece story. Battles are turn-based and you can create your own party with several characters from the series.

Link: One Piece Treasure Cruise

3. Bleach Brave Souls

The shinigamis and quincies are back. Bleach Brave Souls is a great hack’n slash for your Android phone. Fight using the powerful swords of the guardians of the death and save the Underworld.

Link: Bleach Brave Souls

4. Digimon Heroes

The digital monsters are alive in a RPG that you will spend hours playing. Train your monsters and become the master of the digital world in a free game that has become one of the most popular of Android. There are hundreds of creatures waiting to be captured, and you can become the master of them all.

Link: Digimon Heroes

5. Tales of Link

Inspired by the Namco Bandai saga of Tales of, the videogame is a great action RPG with anime background. The characters are full of emotions and the story is told through several cut scenes animated by popular studios of anime industry.

Link: Tales of Link

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