3 videogames so hard that you will hate digital entertainment

There are certain videogames that are so difficult that you will hate the day you started playing them. As we love digital entertainment here at Lytum, we wanted to share with your our top 3 of hardest videogames ever. You will find some of the most iconic and hardest videogames ever designed. It does not matter if they belong to older systems, the main feature of all these titles is the difficulty.

3. Dark Souls

The videogame created by Hidetaka Miyazaki had one great objective: to set the new foundations for the action RPG genre. The idea of Dark Souls was to make the player feel realized by overcoming difficult battles and puzzles around a dark fantasy setting. Dark Souls is so hard that you will find the “YOU DIED” message even in the easiest battles at the beginning of the game. However, in Dark Souls death is not defeat. It is only a way to keep learning about the game and its universe.

2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

The original sequel to Super Mario Bros., it was launched exclusively in Japan and it did not reach Occident until the 21st century. This platform game is full of ramps, impossible jumps and some of the most demanding platform levels of videogame history. If you are a fan of Mario and Luigi, you may end up hating them with this title.

1. Battletoads

A game so hard that adding a second player only makes it harder. That is Battletoads, a videogame born to overshadow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you like beat them ups with anthropomorphic animals as protagonists, then you need to try Battletoads. However, remember that it is a hard videogame that will put you in the middle of violent fights and impossible platform jumping. It is, by far, one of the hardest videogames ever designed

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