7 funniest memes of 2017

The sense of humor never fades. It does not matter your age, if you like good jokes then you will still find something to laugh about even when you grow older. Memes in the Internet are a way of letting your laugh escape, and during 2017 there were several funny memes. We share with you 7 of the most hilarious memes we selected for the past year.

1. The final solution

If you want to solve any kind of problema you just have to release a pack of wolves. Start running, it is not a joke.

2. Good spot

Think carefully before hiding your car. If you do it like the drivers of this one, you will be spotted.

3. Do the math

Haven’t you asked a friend how old his child is? Has he ever answered using months? Well, these picture captures the feeling like no other.

4. Say goodbye

A hilarious animal being kicked out of a house and how it can relate to your friend in a bar. When he is kicked out by security and tries to wave bye to those who stay.

5. Do not say the Word

If during an argument you tell your girlfriend to calm down because she’s acting like her mother. Prepare to feel the wrath.

6. The best add ever

It seems like these two lawyers who work with job accidents have a lot of work. If not, the add is simply a way to bully those who have suffered an accident while working. What do you think?

7. Feeling sorry for you

A picture about a teacher who donated her kidney to save a student ruined by a friendly comment. It seems like someone did not have the best teachers, because even when she/he was in class, the teacher marked her/him absent.

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