5 hilarious fall bloopers

There are some jokes that never get old. The falling bloopers are among those. It is almost an instinct, when you see someone falling, you laugh. Immediately you want to make sure that it was nothing serious, but the laugh is almost inevitable. So, we have decided to search on the Internet for the best videos of falls. We share them with you to fill your house with joy and laughing.

1. Reporting the falling

Live TV is one of the most hilarious scenarios for a falling. So we have searched along the footage uploaded to YouTube for the best fallings. Look at the two girls treading the grapes. It is obvious that one of them is going to fall. Which one?

2. The woman on the horse

Sometimes, when you are filming a news report, you want to make a difference. That is what the young girl though when she got up the horse and started mounting while talking. Sorry for her.

3. The giant ball

She was giving her best covering a sport event when a collision with a giant ball was inevitable. We hope she is okay, it looked like a strong hit.

4. Revenge for all the women… or not

The news reporter was putting her high hill shoes and moaning about how much she suffers. Men where the main target of her moaning when karma decided to stumble on her.

5. That was a bad idea

People sliding down a snowy hill at great speed and a news reporter just in front of them are not a good combination. It was meant to end in disaster. However, the professionalism of the journalist is out of this world. Even after a great hit, he ends up with his job before starting to feel the full intensity of pain.

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