3 Videos of horror and suspense Anime

There a beautiful love anime movies that are very inspiring, but there are also great horror and suspense anime scenes that will creep you out. Here we have three YouTube videos with some of the top horror and suspense anime movies, some of them are very violent and psychological intense.

Top Horror Anime – by John anime

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Cats found on Anime movies

Anime movies have many interesting characters with its own personality and style. On the blog anime.wuxiaedge, you will see a long list of all the most famous cats found on anime movies. Many of them are very cute and some others don’t even seem like a cat, but rather a combination of various animals with some characteristics of a cat. I hope you enjoy this post, since it was made for anime lovers.

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Thes best of the Anime Cosplay Expo 2013

Last year, the biggest Anime Expo 2013 took place on Los Angeles. And there was a great attendance of Cosplay, which were very amazing. The site of IGN capture the best 30 anime cosplay of the night and today we want to share some of them with you. Some of the characters present in the Expo, were Beetlejuice, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts.

There were also great cosplay on Comi-Con 2013 that include Avengers, Batman and Superman, among others. You can watch it on The Comic-Con.

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Top 10 Anime dogs

It seems that dogs are not as popular as cat on anime movies. Some of the greatest animal characters on anime movies are cats or creatures resembling cats. Nevertheless, you can see here some of the most famous dogs and wolfs on anime, and the different styles of anime drawing. Here are some great dog anime pics and a video with the top 10 anime dogs and wolf.

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Sad anime images and quotes

This is a special post for anime lovers. Some of them are just images with sad anime quotes and others are wallpapers for your desktop and cellphone screen. All of these anime images are high quality and are free but if you are going to share it with a friend, please don’t forget to give credit to the creator of the anime drawing. The image dimensions vary among of 500 x 391 pixels and 209 x 221 pixels.

images sad-girl-eyes-cute ss
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10 great anime romance pictures

Take a look to these small collection of great anime love pictures that will inspire you. This post is specially made for manga lovers, with some of the most beautiful anime pictures that can be found on the web. You can download these images and post them on your Facebook wall. Don’t forget that every picture you see has been made by an artist, although many times they don’t post their name on Internet.

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Download Anime themes for your mobile

A great way to personalize your mobile is downloading great themes with your preferred interest. If you like manga or anime, then this is the best opportunity to get want you want for free and create an anime atmosphere for your mobile. At the web site Zedge, you will find so many nice anime themes that you can download with no charge. Take some time to choose the best one and don’t forget to tell a friend about the site.

2-958515-6637Link: Free anime themes

Great manga style illustrations

This is a special post for manga lovers. You got to see the new set of manga style illustrations for you to download for free. Don’t forget to thank the creator of this designs before you borrow them for your personal use. Some of these designs are unique and some are scenes from a certain story. The illustrations are full of color and character, and very high quality drawings.


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Great collection of Thanks Giving Anime pictures

For this Thanks Giving, you are probably looking for pictures to share and we have got the best combination of Anime pictures with this Holiday theme. Photobucket has a great collection of these special pictures that you can share on your Facebook Wall. Most of them are trully well made, have messages written and are free. Dont forget to leave a comment and press the I Like bottom on the site.
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The most amazing Anime Wallpapers

If you love Anime, then you will love this web site. It has a great collection of Anime Wallpapers in many different sizes so you can fit your screen. Download these wallpapers for iPad, cell phones or computers screen. if you are unsure about your screen resolution, the site will tell you so you get the one that best fits you. The wallpapers are also rated and clasified according to their popularity.
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