10 Horror movie killers

The most important character of a horror movie is the monster or the killer. He or she is the one who creates all the tension in the movie and without this character it would be only a boring movie. So, now, who are your favorite horror movie characters?

indexFor me, my favorite is Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, but there are so many others. Check out the list of the top 10 horror movie killers and let us know your favorite.

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The best urban legends that actually happened

A urban legend is a tale or a myth that may or may not happen, or even just a little bit of the story is true but not all. When we talk about urban legends we are referring to the contemporary legends that most of us have listen to at some point in life.


Some of the urban legends that we are going to share today through Slideshare, are tales that most people think they truly happened and that through the years they have become an urban tale. Check it out!

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Scary pictures of real zombies

The existence of zombies is an old urban legend. We imagine these zombies with weird eyes and their arms extended in a crazy way. The may eat the brains of healthy people and kill everything on their way as shown on movies.


There are other stories stating that zombies are just people with no soul, walking dead and that their soul has been taken by witches. Believe what you want!

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The cutest scary monsters

Monsters are defined as something that has different proportions to what we normally know. There is a common belief that monsters are bad and awful and overall very scary creatures, but the fact is that they are just different.

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10 Horror movie quotes

What do you like the most about horror movies? is it the thriller, the scary sensations that you feel when the movie get to its climate, or just the lines of the characters? whatever it is, if you love horror movies you will probably love this post.

slide-2-638Get to see some of the best horror movie quotes all in one place; some are so good that seem funny, and others really revive the bad feeling of a good horror movie.

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3 Videos of horror and suspense Anime

There a beautiful love anime movies that are very inspiring, but there are also great horror and suspense anime scenes that will creep you out. Here we have three YouTube videos with some of the top horror and suspense anime movies, some of them are very violent and psychological intense.

Top Horror Anime – by John anime

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Horrid photos of people living in madhouses

Nothing is scarier than the mental illness. That condition where a person has lost their connection with reality and is walking on insanity is so scary that numerous movies have been made with that particular theme. When you visit a psychiatric facility, then you see all that madness reflected on each place and common area; it is truly disturbing. Take a look to these horrible photos of several madhouses in the world.


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Special cute monster vector pack

Normally, when we use the word monster, we refer to something really ugly and scary, but if you really look closely, they are only funny looking creatures, and some are pretty misunderstood. They are just strange and different, but some are really not that ugly. If you are a fan of this creatures, you will probably want to download a great vector pack of cute monsters so that you can create your own.


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Spooky places to visit in the US

Places that may look normal and even pretty from the outside, may hide a horrible and spooky story that will really make you cry and leave the place fast enough. There are some people that enjoy entering these places and feel scare to their bone just for fun. If you are wondering if there are some of these place located close to you, check out this list of spooky place with its story.

seriously - the Jonesboro, IN public library

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