5 very cool apps to edit your photos

Taking pictures with you cel phone or with your tablet has never been easier. Even more if you add the nice resolution that these devices have, you will get amazing pictures everywhere you are. But, with some cool photo apps you can get the most out of your pictures and really impress your friends. Check out these 5 very cool photo apps: Instagram, Overgram, Over, Diptic, Color Splash, Lens Light and Auto Stitch. Download all of them, or the one that best suits you from the Apple Store.


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Download Line for Nokia (free!)

Line is considered to be the number one communication app, which can be downloaded for Nokia mobiles with no cost. Once you get Line, you will be able to send free messages, photos and stickers to your friends. This app is actually better than the famous WhatsApp, with more than 230 million users in the world and much easier to use. You can download the free Line app from the Nokia Store and invite your friends.
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Candy Crush Sounds for enjoy on Android phones

The Candy Crush Saga is a delicious game that enjoy all the people in the free time to make our lives happiest. The addiction of Candy Crush mobile game, one of the most popular games in the history of mobile phones, is very big and now we have sounds for your Android phone that you bought yesterday for show to your friends. With this app you will find all the sound that is in the popular game Candy Crush Saga. Enjoy pals.

Candy Crush spunds mobile apps

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Free Line stickers with funny characters for Samsung

Everybody adores the Line stickers for share in every conversation on the new instant message app for Samsung mobile phones and tablets, and other device with Android operating system. In the link below you can download free cute kawaii Line Stickers that you can be used free of charge. For send the emoticons only you need tapping the stickers you choose from the list. Enjoy the funny characters for Line application.

Free Line stickers apps samsung

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Find differences between your favorite One Direction idols

Every teenage girl in the world adore one of the singers of the British boy band of the moment called One Direction, the most famous teen band in this days. These idols have a funny game with the objective of find differences between your favorite One Direction. You can play in 3 modes of Game Play and this game included 6 photo packs and the pictures of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, all 5 musicians of One Direction.

Find differences between One Direction idols

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How to watch online movies free and legally with Crackle

It’s no necessary to wait a lot of minutes for download and watch an illegal movie because in these days we can use different platforms for watch movies legally paying a low price for month and we can use one site that offered free and famous classic movies without cost and legally. With Crackle you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows free online searching for genres. For a simple use you should download the Google Chrome Crackle plugin.

Watch online movies free and legally with Crackle

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Chat with friends like WhatsApp with WeChat

Everybody enjoy chat with friends all day in the free time without cost using Wi-Fi free connection and 3G or 4G connection too. Now we introduce an application very useful that the creators call WeChat. This is a complete mobile communication and private social networks. WeChat is like WhatsApp because is multiplatform and is full of features that make it the best way to keep in touch with everyone. But, the best thing about WeChat is that is free for ever. You can enjoy individual and Group Messaging, and share voice notes, images, videos, and location data. WeChat included Free HD video calls.

friends like WhatsApp with WeChat 2013 chat

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Candy Crush Saga tips for play like professionals

Be the best player of Candy Crush Saga reading important information of this game before playing, this is crucial for be experts of the candy game that everybody knows like the most addictive Android mobile phone game. In the link below you can read information like how many levels are there, what do I have to do to complete a level, what are game modes, when will you be adding new levels and more detail for start playing Candy Crush on Facebook and on mobile phones.

Candy Crush Saga tips games game 2013

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Sketch and draw on your smartphone with Line Brush

Line is the number 1 app free for chat and socializes with friends in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macao and other more. Now Line is very famous in Europe and America, and if you are using this app in your mobile with Android you can draw and sketch with Line Brush, a free app with 27 kinds of basic brush stylish as a pen or crayon, 15 type photo brushes and more.

draw smartphone with Line Brush

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Scared your friends with zombies and Android smartphones

With the application Scared your friends zombies you can make jokes to your friends in the free time to record the surprise face of your pal and upload the video on YouTube, sure you receive millions of clicks of the fans. If you have one of the millions of Android smartphones that are active in the world you can use this app. To use this app you should go to options, select the desired image, place your preferred time, the shock will occur after this time, and give the phone to your friend. A good joke with zombies.

Scared your friends zombies app jokes android

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