5 Great I Hate Love pictures

There is a time in everyone’s lives when you actually hate love, and you wish it didn’t exist. There is no case in trying to hide it, so why don’t you just live it and share it with everyone you know…eventually it will just go away.

nnvnShare any of these five free I hate love pics that we are giving you today and enjoy your dark feelings.

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5 Lovely Facebook Covers

Update your Facebook cover with one of these five great designs with the theme of love. You may rate the image of the cover, share it on Facebook with the direct button, or just download it fro free into your desktop to then uploaded on your Timeline.

thumb.phpThe quality of these Facebook covers is great and I am sure you will love them, so don’t wait any longer and choose the one that you like the most.

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Beautiful love pics to share on Google Plus and Facebook

Lets end this week with some of the most beautiful love pics ever found on the web. Yell I Love You to the world and be in love for some time! You can download these love pics on your computer or you may share them using the shortcuts of social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn.

imagesAll the images on this site are chosen carefully and are very high quality. Good love pics share free for all users. There are roses, hearts, kisses and in love couples, etc.

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Photos of strange animals with no hair or feathers

Most animals are considered cute and even more when they are little babies. But, what happens when this little cute creature are hairless because of some sort of disease or physical condition? Would you think they are beautiful? Most of these animals with no hairs (or feathers) were born that way.

hairless-bald-animals-27Take a look to the photos of penguins, rabbits, rats, monkeys, kangaroos, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, raccoon, bear, parrot, and squirrel with no hair (or feathers). They look pretty strange and not so beautiful as the normal ones, but still they are very loveable.

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10 Amusement parks abandoned in the world

Amusement parks are places of fun and screams. They are great places to visit with family and friends and forget about problems and just enjoy the rush of great speed and heights.

There are always tones of people, until they get abandoned and forgotten for some reason and the owners let them rot with time.

headMost of them have closed because of financial concerns or accidents that have hit the administration of the park very hard. Each abandoned amusement park has it owns story.

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Hate and Love pics to share on Facebook

Love and hate are almost the center of our lives. We hate many things but we love so many others, and our lives are divided between these two forces.

Sometimes you have loved so much that when something bad happens all that love becomes hate. The pain could change the perspective of love and transform good feelings into something no so good.

imagesCheck up this great selection of pictures of hate and love, and probably you will find a couple that will be great to share on your Facebook.

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10 Horror movie killers

The most important character of a horror movie is the monster or the killer. He or she is the one who creates all the tension in the movie and without this character it would be only a boring movie. So, now, who are your favorite horror movie characters?

indexFor me, my favorite is Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, but there are so many others. Check out the list of the top 10 horror movie killers and let us know your favorite.

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Amazing fantasy wallpapers for your computer or iPad

If you look closely you will find something of fantasy in everyplace. A world full of colors, amazing creatures, stars and glitter, fantasy could become a way of living and that is all in the eye of the beholder. As a fantasy lover, you may want to customize your computer, tablet or smartphone with some fantasy wallpaper.

120552We have a great option to download the best fantasy wallpapers on the web. They are free and have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. You will find great fantasy creatures and characters as well as landscapes, among others.

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Goodbye poems for your good friends

One thing is certain in life and that is change. We constantly need to adapt to change and new things coming. The best way to do it is to understand that there will be people that will leave you at some point, and some other that will come new to your life. When that happens, just send a goodbye poem to your leaving friend and go on.

dhdhThere are three web sites where you can find great farewell poems and goodbye love poems:

  1. Goodbye love poems: short poems that you can give to a love one.
  2. Farewell poems
  3. Goodbye poems by teens

Funny animal pics that will make you smile

A good photographer has to be patient and intrepid, but also he or she must also be lucky to capture the perfect shot and the perfect timing. This post is about some of the most amazing perfectly timed pictures of animals in the wild and even at home, that will make you laugh and begin the day with the right foot. Some of these pictures of animals being themselves are truly amazing and they happened only one time in life!


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