Greennoise, the sound of the tropical forest

Everyone knows that the world is changing and environmental problems have been increasing a lot. However, there are many groups of people working towards a common good cause. An example of this is the developers of Greennoise, who through showing the tropical and specificaly the rain forest, people would understand the value of them. When you visit the web page of Greennoise, you will hear the best sounds of nature recorded directly from the Rain Foresto of Costa Rica. Try and see what you feel.
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“Keep Calm and” poster generator

The popular posters “Keep Calm and” are everywhere, and now you can create your own one in two simples steps. The generator g ives you the actual size of the posters, the font and a great color pallete that you can use to choose the colors that you like the best.

The space for the message that will complete you Keep Calm and poster is empty for you to write. Then you have to press the “create” bottom and you will be sent with your poster. The last step is to share it through Facebook, or simply download it in your computer.

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Great Christmas ideas to decorate your home

Although the usual Christmas colors are red, white and green, each year there is a new trend for Christmas decorations. For 2013, the color of Christmas is also a combination of purples and violets, so go crazy and add lots of color to your home. if you are running out of ideas for your front door or Christmas tree, there are many options I am sure you have not try. In this post, we share with you great ideas to decorate your home this Christmas. Chek them out!
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Discover new ways to surprise your love one

There is always a way to renew love and create new experiences as a couple. Something that will get you out of the routine and spice up your relationship, which will consequently give more happiness to both people. Some of the ways to surprise your love one are:

  • indexWrite love letter, leave a message on the cell phone, write a message on the fridge.
  • Send flowers, chocolates, or just a nice sticker over the internet
  • Cook dinner together or surprise your love one with a nice meal
  • Dedicate a song to your love one
  • Invite her family over (only if they have a good relationship)

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Create your own app in 5 simple steps

We have entered a new stage of Internet communications; everything is now easy accessed through an app. It does not matter if you have an Apple device or an Android device; there are thousands of apps created for all necessities and interests. You can now be a part of that internet revolution creating your own app, and converting your web site into a well known app through 5 simple steps. If you are unsure, try the free version and then if you like it buy the license to get to a wider audience.
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High quality Photoshop Cover Actions

One very important part of designing is to create a complete experience out of the viewer, so that your work stands out form the rest. With this new tool called PSD Covers, you can convert your 2D projects into 3D products. If you want to try it, go and download PSD Mock-up templates and use Photoshop to enhance your designing works. It is also a great advantage when you have little time to present a big project.
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Plants vs. Zombies 2 is ready for its fans

After the complete success of one of PopCap games: Plants vs Zombies, all the fans were waiting for a second part with more challenges and new levels to enjoy the fight among these two all time enemies. Finally, it is out. You can find it on Play.Google for free, but there are still certain requirements that you have to have before downloading and playing the game. For example, you need Android 2.3 (Gingerbread); ARMv7 1,0 Ghz o superior; 1 GB of RAM, among others.

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Beautiful short poems for Twitter

There is no need to have a thousand words to explain an emotion. Sometimes with very little you can express everything you feel and making the most out of the 140 characters that Twitter offers, these beautiful short poems are the best. Just copy and paste it on your twitter mainstream and convey all you feel at this specific moment. There are many love short poems as well as cats micropoems, among others.
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Great collection of Thanks Giving Anime pictures

For this Thanks Giving, you are probably looking for pictures to share and we have got the best combination of Anime pictures with this Holiday theme. Photobucket has a great collection of these special pictures that you can share on your Facebook Wall. Most of them are trully well made, have messages written and are free. Dont forget to leave a comment and press the I Like bottom on the site.
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