Greta Gothic picture gallery

The Gothic style is unique and very interesting. It has become more popular with time and now you can find all sorts of stuff with the Gothic touch. If you are a lover of this interesting style, you will probably want to see one of the biggest Gothic picture gallery on Internet: Art of Fantasy. The pics are organized by theme, and some of the most popular are: dark wallpapers, angel’s art, landscapes, blood, vampires and Gothic fashion, among many others.

blood6Link: Gothic picture gallery

Download Anime themes for your mobile

A great way to personalize your mobile is downloading great themes with your preferred interest. If you like manga or anime, then this is the best opportunity to get want you want for free and create an anime atmosphere for your mobile. At the web site Zedge, you will find so many nice anime themes that you can download with no charge. Take some time to choose the best one and don’t forget to tell a friend about the site.

2-958515-6637Link: Free anime themes

Juice Box: A new Rovio challenge

After the great success of Candy Crush, there is a new game with more or less the same actions but a little more interesting. Rovio created Juice Box, which requires the player to get three or more fruits of the same type to make juice. The difference is that you can go any direction you want, making it a lot of fun, very interesting and challenging. Try it out in any of the game online stores:


Link: Rovio – Juice Box

Incredible National Geographic wallpapers

Now you can have the best National Geographic pictures as the wallpaper of your computer. In their official site they have a wallpaper section, where you can download some of the most amazing pictures of animals, nature and culture. All wallpaper have a size of 1024 x 768 pixels, come with the name of the photographers and a little description of the photo itself. It is a great opportunity to have a wonderful nature window on your

Link: Download wallpaper

Music mixing apps to create your own playlists

Now, having a playlist is not enough, you can have a DJ deck and create your own mixes, and share them with other people. These are the best music mixing apps specially created for music lovers. Take a look and choose the one that gives you the most out of your favorite pieces:

  1. djayDjay –  Paid app
  2. VirtualDJ Home – Free app
  3. Traktor DJ – Paid app (small fee)
  4. Edjing – Free app
  5. Cross DJ – Paid app

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