8 anime videogames for your mobile phone

If you are an anime fan, then you can download some of the best Anime Series videogames for your mobile phone. There are different games starring characters from Bleach, Attack on Titan, MAG, Evangelion and Hakuoki, among others.


You only need to choose which game you want to download and start playing with the main characters of your favorite TV shows in your phone. We present you 8 videogames inspired in anime series that you can download for Android tablets and smartphones.

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Daily pictures of Anime Art

This is a great day for Anime lover! With Daily Anime Art you will be informed about the latest news on Anime and the particular way of making art. Get to see reviews of Anime movies episodes such as Bleach 589, Naruto 685, Fairy Tail Zero, Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail 191, among others. Also there are great pictures of amazing Cosplay and Anime Manga Art with different styles.

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5 Epic dragons in Anime movies

Dragons are such interesting and magical creatures. Many people dream for them to be real and to sometime be able to touch one of them. Dragons also appear on Anime movies, and this time, we would like to show you the top 5 most epic dragons on Anime.

They are unique because of their huge dimensions and very different style, they are almost so cute to be a furious creature. If you remember one example of a dragon on an Anime movie, please share it with us.

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Steps to create your own Anime character

Creating an Anime character could be very interesting, but also a difficult task if you don´t know much about this special kind of art. Wikihow has the perfect tutorial to create amazing Anime characters.

animeThe first step of every creation, believe or not, is the conceptual part. It means that you need to create first the personality of the character, his or her characteristics, with talents and superpowers, which will be after translated to a nice and unique character. Try it! it is easy and fun.

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5 Great Anime tribal ideas for your tattoo

There is something special for everyone. If you are an anime lover and you want to have a tattoo, you will probably think of ideas to combine both of them. Get some ideas checking out 5 great anime tribal designs for your tattoo and think where on your body they will work the best. Any anime character could became a nice tribal design.

dfseThese anime tribal ideas where made by very talented artists, so be respectful of their designs.

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20 Romantic moments on Anime movies

Anime is about the characters and the relationship among each other; jealousy, love, fights, hate and revenge are the main themes of these movies, and they are so passionate that for a moment your forget that the characters are not real.

Romance is a big thing on Anime movies and Anime Lovers really like these kind of scenes.

The video on this post has 20 of the top romance and love moments on Anime movies and I ma sure you will like them so much you will want to download the actual films and watch a little more.

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3 Videos of horror and suspense Anime

There a beautiful love anime movies that are very inspiring, but there are also great horror and suspense anime scenes that will creep you out. Here we have three YouTube videos with some of the top horror and suspense anime movies, some of them are very violent and psychological intense.

Top Horror Anime – by John anime

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Cats found on Anime movies

Anime movies have many interesting characters with its own personality and style. On the blog anime.wuxiaedge, you will see a long list of all the most famous cats found on anime movies. Many of them are very cute and some others don’t even seem like a cat, but rather a combination of various animals with some characteristics of a cat. I hope you enjoy this post, since it was made for anime lovers.

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Thes best of the Anime Cosplay Expo 2013

Last year, the biggest Anime Expo 2013 took place on Los Angeles. And there was a great attendance of Cosplay, which were very amazing. The site of IGN capture the best 30 anime cosplay of the night and today we want to share some of them with you. Some of the characters present in the Expo, were Beetlejuice, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts.

There were also great cosplay on Comi-Con 2013 that include Avengers, Batman and Superman, among others. You can watch it on The Comic-Con.

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Top 10 Anime dogs

It seems that dogs are not as popular as cat on anime movies. Some of the greatest animal characters on anime movies are cats or creatures resembling cats. Nevertheless, you can see here some of the most famous dogs and wolfs on anime, and the different styles of anime drawing. Here are some great dog anime pics and a video with the top 10 anime dogs and wolf.

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