Chat with friends like WhatsApp with WeChat

Everybody enjoy chat with friends all day in the free time without cost using Wi-Fi free connection and 3G or 4G connection too. Now we introduce an application very useful that the creators call WeChat. This is a complete mobile communication and private social networks. WeChat is like WhatsApp because is multiplatform and is full of features that make it the best way to keep in touch with everyone. But, the best thing about WeChat is that is free for ever. You can enjoy individual and Group Messaging, and share voice notes, images, videos, and location data. WeChat included Free HD video calls.

friends like WhatsApp with WeChat 2013 chat

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Twilight live Wallpaper HD for Samsung mobile phones

Twilight live Wallpaper HD for Samsung is an app very special for Twilight fans that adore the pictures of these movies, the most famous vampire saga in the movie history. With this app you can have in the Samsung mobile screen an HD Wallpapers for fan of Twilight, the fantasy romance novels by American author Stephenie Meyer. The story is about Isabella Bella Swan, a teenager who moves to Forks, Washington, and falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. The app is optimized for mobile with high resolution.

Twilight live Wallpaper HD samsung hd apps

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Sketch and draw on your smartphone with Line Brush

Line is the number 1 app free for chat and socializes with friends in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macao and other more. Now Line is very famous in Europe and America, and if you are using this app in your mobile with Android you can draw and sketch with Line Brush, a free app with 27 kinds of basic brush stylish as a pen or crayon, 15 type photo brushes and more.

draw smartphone with Line Brush

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Scared your friends with zombies and Android smartphones

With the application Scared your friends zombies you can make jokes to your friends in the free time to record the surprise face of your pal and upload the video on YouTube, sure you receive millions of clicks of the fans. If you have one of the millions of Android smartphones that are active in the world you can use this app. To use this app you should go to options, select the desired image, place your preferred time, the shock will occur after this time, and give the phone to your friend. A good joke with zombies.

Scared your friends zombies app jokes android

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Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper for Samsung mobile phones

Imagine you are in Finland or in other beautiful country with gorgeous landscapes, a lot of trees and snowfalls everywhere. If you like to enjoy of beautiful snowfalls in different landscapes you can download Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper for Samsung mobile phones. To use this live wallpaper you need to do click in Home, Press Menu, Wallpapers y LiveWallpapers.

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper for Samsugn pics

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One Direction Song Quiz for Samsung mobile phones

With One Direction you can enjoy of popular songs and download pictures of the band. But this teen group can entertains all of you with a funny application for Samsung mobile phones with Android SO. This app called One Direction Song Quiz invites you to challenge with One Direction Song Quiz dedicated fans could successfully answer. This is a funny app for the One Direction true fans, do click below.

One Direction Song Quiz android mobile samsung

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Romantic Love Poems for share on Android mobile phones

For build a solid relationship with another person you should share with these important guy or girl some sweets words for celebrate our love. All the couples search on Internet for romantic poems for share on the mobile phones. With this app we recommend today you can find and share the best Love Poems. You can find a lot of quotes for love, romance or friendship. Do click in the link below and share more than 1000 love quotes for Android.

Romantic Love Poems android mobile poems

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Simpsons Soundboard Ringtones for Motorola smartphones

The Simpsons is a very famous TV family that make us laugh with different adventures and common problems. If you like The Simpsons you should try this cool Simpsons sound board with lots of Homer Simpson quotes very funny. You can save for use as ringtones or notifications in the Motorola phones and on other phones with Android SO. This app included The Simpsons TV sound clips with sounds from Homer, Bart, Lisa and many more.

Simpsons Soundboard Ringtones for Motorola mobile

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Beautiful wallpapers for Nokia Lumia phones with AI Wallpaper HD

The Nokia Lumia phones are very popular in these days and a lot of mobile users adore the beautiful interface of Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8, the new version creates by Microsoft. Now, we share with you an application named AI Wallpaper HD that is the most professional wallpaper application. The app provides massive HD wallpapers, but the user interface in Chinese. All the wallpapers are spectacular.

Nokia Lumia phones with AI Wallpaper HD walls

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Shoot pictures with movement with ActionShot for iPhone

The iPhone is compatible with thousands of mobile apps very useful for create beautiful images and for take pictures with different effects. Now we recommend the free application ActionShot for iPhone that’s lets you shoot any movement and turn it into a sequence shot. You can capturing the course of an action in a single image.

ActionShot for iPhone action pictures pics mobile

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