Daily pictures of Anime Art

This is a great day for Anime lover! With Daily Anime Art you will be informed about the latest news on Anime and the particular way of making art. Get to see reviews of Anime movies episodes such as Bleach 589, Naruto 685, Fairy Tail Zero, Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail 191, among others. Also there are great pictures of amazing Cosplay and Anime Manga Art with different styles.

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Thes best of the Anime Cosplay Expo 2013

Last year, the biggest Anime Expo 2013 took place on Los Angeles. And there was a great attendance of Cosplay, which were very amazing. The site of IGN capture the best 30 anime cosplay of the night and today we want to share some of them with you. Some of the characters present in the Expo, were Beetlejuice, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts.

There were also great cosplay on Comi-Con 2013 that include Avengers, Batman and Superman, among others. You can watch it on The Comic-Con.

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