Download free fonts for designers

More than the list of fonts available in Photoshop by default, there are several lists of free fonts also available in the Internet. Some of them are really great, although there are few that have some bugs to fix. Looking in Internet for the right font could be tiring, and that is why we present today a great collection of free fonts made specially for designers. It is important to notice that some of the packs of fonts have only letters and numbers but not symbols, and others have the complete pack. Check this before you download them and use them correctly.

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Creative ideas to make a great business card

As a person interested in standing out from the rest of the world, finding a nice job, promoting your business or creating new strategic alliances, it is important to have a good personal presentation, which will also include having a nice business card. The normal standard design is just a white rectangle with the basic contact information, but you can get your business card to a new level. Check out these creative ideas for business cards and create one that will make you stand out and differentiate yourself from others.


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25 Music tattos desings

Before getting a tattoo, you got to be certain that you are getting exactly what you want, and that the design chosen really represents one of your passions. Music is a passion for many people, and they live through music so deeply that getting a tattoo with a music related theme is just a normal thing to do. Don’t decide to do anything before you see in our gallery the best music tattoos design ever made. You will probably find very good ideas and be happy with your tattoo.
music tattoo
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Great tribal tattoo designs ideas for arms

There is a gap between a tribal design idea and how it actually looks on your skin. However, you may shorten that gap by taking a look to the tribal tattoo on a real person. Now you have an opportunity to really see how it will look and what modification you can made before tattooing your arm. Choosing the best color ink and the best position.
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Good resume design ideas

Looking for a job could be very stressful, and you need to get all the help you can get to have the best possible opportunities. One aspect to consider is how you will design your resume so that it stands out from a bunch of other documents, and that it wont be easily forgotten. That is why, we bring new interesting design ideas for your proffesional resume, very easy to make. Take one of these templates or build a combination of them.
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More than 50 free Photoshop nature brushes for use on designs

A lot of people love the Photoshop brushes, but more people adore the free brushes that we can download without pay a cent on different blogs and commercial sites. Everybody loves the brushes because they are special for create beautiful designs and colorful creations using Photoshop and other tools for edition. Do click in the link below for download today’s nature brushes without cost.

More than 50 free Photoshop nature brushes 2013

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More than 80 grunge textures for use on computer designs

The designers use the textures for create artistic images and collages very special, and other things on the computer using PC software very popular. The textures are very useful for a lot of things and in the link below you can download more than 80 grunge textures for use on computer designs. The compilation is very big and the textures are beautiful.

More than 80 grunge textures grunge textures

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Compilation of Apple icons for use on the computer

Apple is a very big company with thousands of gadgets and mobile devices that are very famous in the entire world. We can meet a lot iPhone and Mac fans on the Internet and we share with all of them a compilation of Apple icons for use on the computer. The compilation included classic and modern icons, historic Mac computers and gadgets, Mac apps, hand drawn iPhone, legendary Apple mobile phones, gloss Mac, Apple Store Louvre, Apple Festival and mucho more.

Compilation of Apple Icons icons apple icons

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Vector design tutorials free for make beautiful creations

The vectors are important for create beautiful designs on the computer using designs software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and other more. But you need to learn how to create the digital creations using computer editors. This is why we share with all of you a compilation with vector design tutorials free for make beautiful creations. The tutorials included the difficulty, estimated time, the program that we need to use, and other things more.

Vector design tutorials free for make designs

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More than 100 free fonts for designs and digital creations

We can search in Google and find millions of fonts for use on the computer designs and digital creations on the tablets, Mac and PC. Everybody needs fonts and we find a compilation with more than 100 free fonts for use on designs and digital creations. For download all you need to do click in the link below and later you can search your favorite font and download free. Enjoy the compilation.

More than 100 free fonts for designs text

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