Gothic metal concerts and full albums for enjoy and share on Facebook

Gothic Metal is a subgenere of Heavy Metal and the music that plays the gothic bands have angry male voices, soft female voices and distortion guitars, don’t forget the keyboards, a very important instrument in this kind of rock music. A lot of people enjoy the heavy music in the free time, and the Gothic Music is a very good option because have melodic ballads, powerful songs and drum and bass very professional. In the YouTube videos below you can enjoy concerts and full albums with gothic metal music. The best for me.

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Gothic and dark pictures with artistic and heavy metal style

The gothic art is beautiful and dark at the same time, and this combination is very interest and artistic too. In this site we have a lot of compilations of gothic and dark pictures with artistic and heavy metal style and now we share a lot of pics for all of you.

1 Gothic and dark pictures pics gothic pictures

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Gothic art and fantasy pictures and wallpapers very dark

The gothic art is very dark and beautiful because combine the magic of the fairies and the vampire girls with dark scenes and fantasy. In these site we love the gothic pictures and wallpapers and enjoy the gothic music too because for me is the best of all. In the gallery we have a lot of pics for share.

1 Gothic dark angel with chains a lot of them gothic

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Tribal skulls to use on tattoos or designs in computer

The tribal art is very popular in our culture because we have a los of artist to share your art in the social networks and blogs of Internet. In the gallery we have a loto f tribal skulls to use on tattoos or designs in computer. All of these images are very different and artistic.

1 tribal skulls very different lot od tribal

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Best heavy metal ringtones for Android mobile phones

Heavy metal is in our blood because we love these music and enjoy the bands that play all over the world. Now you can enjoy the heavy metal classics ringtones of your favourites heavy metal groups. You can set it as default ringtones, notifications, alarm or share it with your friends too.

Best heavy metal ringtones for Android phones cool tones

Link: Download Best Heavy Metal Ringtones

Pictures HD with gothic metal band from europe

In Europe the gothic metal music is very poular, and the look of the musicians is very Medieval. The pictures in the gallery presents famous gothic band in europe in very interest photoshoots. All the pictures are HD and you can use all for your computer screen. Enjoy the pictures and the music too. The band are Nightwish and Tristania, next time more bands.

1 Pictures HD with gotic metal band europe


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