Funny horror memes to share on your Facebook

There is something so funny about horror movies. They defy all common sense and seem to only have dumb characters that do everything they should not. Putting all that into a funny horror meme will make you laugh your brains out…or perhaps will scare you to death! Nothing you canĀ“t relate to, I am sure.

horror-movie-logic_c_1999571There is a whole site (memecenter) with these great memes. But you can also check out some on these post, which we have filled with great options of funny horror memes.

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Hilarious Forever Alone memes

I have no idea why memes are so funny, but they really are hilarious sometimes. Today we will share the second meme created in 2009, forever alone meme. This meme character is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life, and it is hilarious. Some of these memes are great and will make you laugh. Also check out rage guy, poker face, fuck yeah, and troll face, for more interesting and funny memes.

foreveralone 2

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Over 70 funny memes to begin your day

Begin your day with a funny smile to share with friends. The web site memehumor has the best collection ever of funny memes on the web. You can choose from a collection of over 70 memes with a wide selection of topics. If you want to create your own meme, go to the meme generator site and personalize your everyday happenings into a great funny memes.


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Funny memes pictures for enjoy in the free time

The memes are very famous on Internet because do funny things every day and their adventures are very original and humoristic. In the compilation below all of you will search for funny memes pictures for enjoy in the free time. All the pics are very funny and are perfect for share on the social networks and download on the PC.

1 funny meme pictures funny humor 2013 share 2013

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