Tree hours of galaxy virtual images with HD relaxation music

The galaxy is infinite and we can travel ours and ours, days and days, millions of years of traveling without stop for the enormous, infinite, galaxy. This is the concept about this 3 hour and half video, with HD quality 1080p, perfect for the big Samsung televisions or the gigantic PC screens that are very common in our houses. Enjoy the music, and take a travel for the infinite space, the enormous and beautiful galaxy.

galaxy relax music travel hd 1080

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Chillout Mix with music beach lounge one hours duration

I love Chillout Music because create a beautiful atmosphere at home or in different places, only you need a smartphone with internet connection and a speakerphones portables to listen this compilation that we search on YouTube. The name of this compilation is Wonderful Chill Out Music Beach Lounge Mix by Tekiu and is one of my favorites compilations of chillout music. This kind of music is the best for relax the body and the mind.

NewEvolution tropical bech music chillout 2013

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