5 Great I Hate Love pictures

There is a time in everyone’s lives when you actually hate love, and you wish it didn’t exist. There is no case in trying to hide it, so why don’t you just live it and share it with everyone you know…eventually it will just go away.

nnvnShare any of these five free I hate love pics that we are giving you today and enjoy your dark feelings.

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Beautiful love pics to share on Google Plus and Facebook

Lets end this week with some of the most beautiful love pics ever found on the web. Yell I Love You to the world and be in love for some time! You can download these love pics on your computer or you may share them using the shortcuts of social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn.

imagesAll the images on this site are chosen carefully and are very high quality. Good love pics share free for all users. There are roses, hearts, kisses and in love couples, etc.

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Photos of strange animals with no hair or feathers

Most animals are considered cute and even more when they are little babies. But, what happens when this little cute creature are hairless because of some sort of disease or physical condition? Would you think they are beautiful? Most of these animals with no hairs (or feathers) were born that way.

hairless-bald-animals-27Take a look to the photos of penguins, rabbits, rats, monkeys, kangaroos, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, raccoon, bear, parrot, and squirrel with no hair (or feathers). They look pretty strange and not so beautiful as the normal ones, but still they are very loveable.

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Hate and Love pics to share on Facebook

Love and hate are almost the center of our lives. We hate many things but we love so many others, and our lives are divided between these two forces.

Sometimes you have loved so much that when something bad happens all that love becomes hate. The pain could change the perspective of love and transform good feelings into something no so good.

imagesCheck up this great selection of pictures of hate and love, and probably you will find a couple that will be great to share on your Facebook.

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Funny pics of this week

We are always looking to share something fun and interesting on our Facebook wall, and sometimes we surf on the web looking for something nice that we never find. This time, we want you to have a wide range of options to make your friends laugh. Come and see more than 80 pics, each one better than the last one. Just copy and paste the pics on your electronic device and share them on Facebook or Pinterest.


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Funny pictures of people freaking out in a haunted house

The Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house in Niagara Falls is the most terrifying place in the entire world. If you don’t believe me, see the pictures of the Flickr page of Fear Factory haunted house, sure you laugh a lot. In the link below you can access of a free gallery with a lot of people freaking out in a haunted house. These pictures are perfect for share on Facebook and laugh a lot with all your friends.

People freaking out in a haunted house 2013

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Fantasy gothic girls art wallpapers and pictures

Enjoy the most beautiful art in the dark world of gothic pictures, the combination of beauty and darkness, sweetness and evilness, gothic vampire girls, obscure dreams and medieval structures that have a lot of details. The pictures in this compilation included different art stiles and a lot of dark images that are perfect for use on the PC screens, tablets, smartphones or other devices. Do click in the link my friends.

Fantasy gothic girls art wallpapers 2013

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The best pictures of Rihanna 2013 for share on Facebook

Rihanna in a very big star and a very close Justin Bieber friend. We always watch Rihanna with a lot of celebrities in all the countries, and this star do very big concerts in the USA and in the entire world in countries on Latin America, Asia and Europe. The pictures of Rihanna are shared in Facebook or other social networks, and in the link below you can download the best Rihanna 2013 pictures.

The best pictures of Rihanna 2013 pics

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More than 50 free Photoshop nature brushes for use on designs

A lot of people love the Photoshop brushes, but more people adore the free brushes that we can download without pay a cent on different blogs and commercial sites. Everybody loves the brushes because they are special for create beautiful designs and colorful creations using Photoshop and other tools for edition. Do click in the link below for download today’s nature brushes without cost.

More than 50 free Photoshop nature brushes 2013

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Best real ghost pictures with all the details and history

In the night the house is lonely and the silence invades the bedroom, the kitchen and the backyard. But, in the midnight we listen some steps very soft and we scream like little girls. Don’t worry, is only the dog. The ghosts maybe are real, maybe not. This is why we share with you some incredible real ghost pictures and the equally remarkable stories behind. These pictures will convince you of the reality of ghosts.

Best real ghost pictures history pics scared

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