Photo gallery of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is the famous actress, singer and top model known by her appearance on the movies of Disney Channel High School Musical, as Gabriella Montez. She has many fans because of her beauty and easy going personality. She was born on Salinas, California, in the United States and she looks like a beach beauty. Get to see dozens of pictures of her on the Vanessa Hudgens gallery, check it out!

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Spooky photo of ghosts

One of the most famous ghost pictures take is The Brown Lady, which was taken in England in 1936. When you see the photograph you get goose bumps, it is really a spooky picture of a clear ghost and it is completely real.

You may wonder how these ghost pictures are taken, or how a person is able to capture a spirit on film. There is no correct answer, there is a combination of various factors that create a scary scene.

ghostsTake a look to these 13 pictures of ghost and draw your on conclusions. There are some that look fake, but they aren’t, or at least the a pretty good examples of a manipulated pic.

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10 great anime romance pictures

Take a look to these small collection of great anime love pictures that will inspire you. This post is specially made for manga lovers, with some of the most beautiful anime pictures that can be found on the web. You can download these images and post them on your Facebook wall. Don’t forget that every picture you see has been made by an artist, although many times they don’t post their name on Internet.

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Funny animal pics that will make you smile

A good photographer has to be patient and intrepid, but also he or she must also be lucky to capture the perfect shot and the perfect timing. This post is about some of the most amazing perfectly timed pictures of animals in the wild and even at home, that will make you laugh and begin the day with the right foot. Some of these pictures of animals being themselves are truly amazing and they happened only one time in life!


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Amazing animal eyes close up

With our egocentric view of the world, we tend to think that the only type of eyes in the whole huge world just like ours. However, when we take every creature in the world and take a close up on their eyes, you will see fantastic things. This time, we are sharing with you the most interesting and amazing eyes of the animal world. Every type of eyes and its individual characteristics, create a different way of looking at the world around them.


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Amazing pictures of animals in the womb

Babies are beautiful and most people feel a deep connection to the beginning of life. Baby animals are as beautiful as a human baby and we feel this instant need to care for them and watch them grow. In an special created by National Geographic, you can see the wonders of technology, combining three dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to let you see who animals in the womb look like. Without doubt, it is something you need to see to experience the wonder of life.


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The most amazing street art of 2013

Cities would be more interesting if we had lots of street painters do some art on all boring white walls. Of course, there are a lot of people that will disagree with me, but first, take a look to the following pictures of the most amazing street art of 2013, and let me know what you think of them. Some are truly amazing and will add something unique to otherwise boring city.


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Awesome collection of quotes

Surfing on the web you may find many sites with lots of quotes, but without doubt highexistence site is one of the top 5. On this site you will find some of the best quotes ever said by famous people, movie scripts, etc.; also you will find lots of nice pictures with interesting quotes and videos with amazing content. There is a special button to share any of the quotes that you like, or you may just copy and paste it anywhere you want.

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Great “Oh no!” .GIFs

Take some time to see each and everyone of them and for sure you will get amazed by this “Oh no!” moments. I am sure you never expect the things to go so wrong as they went, so these .GIFs will get your mouth wide open. I particularly like the first one, just because I never expected someone so dumb as to do that split on a cliff. What is your favorite?

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