3 videogames so hard that you will hate digital entertainment

There are certain videogames that are so difficult that you will hate the day you started playing them. As we love digital entertainment here at Lytum, we wanted to share with your our top 3 of hardest videogames ever. You will find some of the most iconic and hardest videogames ever designed. It does not matter if they belong to older systems, the main feature of all these titles is the difficulty.

3. Dark Souls

The videogame created by Hidetaka Miyazaki had one great objective: to set the new foundations for the action RPG genre. The idea of Dark Souls was to make the player feel realized by overcoming difficult battles and puzzles around a dark fantasy setting. Dark Souls is so hard that you will find the “YOU DIED” message even in the easiest battles at the beginning of the game. However, in Dark Souls death is not defeat. It is only a way to keep learning about the game and its universe.

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5 videogames that changed history of the industry

In the history of videogames, as well as in other arts, there are several works that mark the beginning or the end of an era. In this Top 5 we are going to analyze the most important videogames of history and how they changed the way we play.

1. Pong (1972)

The first commercially successful arcade videogame of history sold thousands of cabinets. It is a very simple game where two players have to confront in digital table tennis. It was the game that changed home gaming forever. Continue reading

5 anime videogames for your Android

Anime series and videogames are deeply intertwined. There are several videogames inspired in the most popular anime and manga series, and we have made a Top 5 with the most popular ones of 2017. These are the games that you must download to your Android device if you like anime and videogames, having the opportunity to control your favorite characters in videogames of different genres, from action to fighting games and RPG.

1. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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8 anime videogames for your mobile phone

If you are an anime fan, then you can download some of the best Anime Series videogames for your mobile phone. There are different games starring characters from Bleach, Attack on Titan, MAG, Evangelion and Hakuoki, among others.


You only need to choose which game you want to download and start playing with the main characters of your favorite TV shows in your phone. We present you 8 videogames inspired in anime series that you can download for Android tablets and smartphones.

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Angry Birds pictures very colorful and funny for Facebook

Everybody plays on mobile phones and tablets the funny and addictive game call Angry Birds. In this title the players need to break the pigs structures for save the eggs. I’m a big fan of Angry Birds and share different pictures on social networks like Facebook. Do click in the gallery below my friends and download the pics.

1 Angry Birds pictures very colorful and funny share facebook

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Fantasy heroes pics for use on social networks and share

The fantasy heroes lives in the imagination of different artist and designers who creates spectacular images with a lot of fantasy and darkness. This is why we compiled different pictures of fantasy heroes for use on social networks and share on different sites. Enjoy the compilation and share the pics on Facebook.

1 Fantasy heroes pics for use on social networks fantasy new

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Need For Speed girl pics compilation for share with friends

Need For Speed is the best racing car game because have a beautiful graphics and the design of the cars are spectacular. Everybody have need for speed, and now we present a compilation of pics with girls and wheels inspire in the game Need for Speed. Enjoy the pictures in the gallery and share with your friends on Facebook.

1 Need For Speed girl pics compilation


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