Best soccer commercials for Brazil 2014

This 2014 is a year of big emotions because of the Soccer World Cup Brazil 2014 and many companies have created a unique and very nice commercial to make their products pop up and be on the field of action, and also to make an statement about the soccer fever. Soccer is the sport with more fans in the world, so it is only natural that everyone if so happy to see all the games during this year.

Here are some of the best commercials of 2014:

Pepsi Commercial

Adidas Commercial

There are some other that compete to be the best commercial of this World Cup 2014, like Nike and Gatorade:

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Send a unique Birthday card to a friend

Another way to wish a Happy Birthday is sending a animated birthday card directly from the web site kisseo. There are dozens of interesting happy birthday cards for free and you just have to choose one and send it over the internet.

As soon as you chose the one that you want to change, write an e-mail address of the recipient and add your personal information as well.

Captura de pantalla completa 29062014 075808 p.m..bmpYou could even program the card to arrive on the date and time that is best, and that way you make sure you will not forget to send it on time.

Link: Send a Birthday Card

The cutest animals on YouTube

There is something about animals that really touches our soul. There are some creatures that are so incredible beautiful that we rethink they way we see the world and behave in our everyday life. Here you will see some of the most amazing animal love and cutest animals of YouTube, and you can share them on your social networks, or just spend some minutes watching our marvelous animal world.

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Amazing inspiring videos

Waking up in the morning and getting ready for a day of work can be a routine so boring that will let you even more exhausted than before. Some time we need a little help or a little motivation each day. For those special cases where you find yourself with no motivation, there is a great web site that has some of the most amazing inspiring videos on the web. Take some time to watch a few of them and get ready to your work day with a newer perspective.

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New motivational videos to star your day with the right foot

Life is always moving forward and it has its ups and its very downs. Sometimes you will feel really bad and will see the world with big grey eyes, negative thoughts or just a very flat life with no motivation at all. Whatever the case, sometimes you just need some motivational words, something different to think, another way to see life.

Today is the day to see some of these motivational videos and get ready to change your day. Any of the 5 videos that are available for you now, are different positive ways to look at your everyday life. Keep the post and listen to them every time you are feeling a little down.

Link: Motivational videos

Awesome collection of quotes

Surfing on the web you may find many sites with lots of quotes, but without doubt highexistence site is one of the top 5. On this site you will find some of the best quotes ever said by famous people, movie scripts, etc.; also you will find lots of nice pictures with interesting quotes and videos with amazing content. There is a special button to share any of the quotes that you like, or you may just copy and paste it anywhere you want.

imagesLink: Great quotes

Best motivational videos

Sometimes life seems a little (or a lot) hard and we need something that cheer us up. We may call a friend or go to a psychologist, or just go and watch a good movie that speaks directly to your soul. Everything is valid and this time we want to share a list of motivational videos gathered by motivationgrid. Take some time to watch these motivational videos and perhaps you will find a renew hope on life.


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Animated Optical Illusions

There are thousands of good examples of great optical illusions, and they are awesome, but only a few times you may see animated ones. This time, we have a great collection of videos that show amazing animated illusions that will leave you intrigued and surprise. Take the time to see these videos and perhaps you may want to try to make one of them since it seem pretty easy!

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Amazing animated short videos

Always, when you sit on a movie theater to see a good movie, you are shown great animated short videos that let you think who is the genius who makes them possible. The site machoarts has some of the 15 most amazing animated videos ever made, and you can see them without leaving your house. You may share them on your Facebook’s wall and see what your friends think of them.

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Top five videos of horror pranks

Pranks are great only if you are the one playing it on someone, but not for the person who is taken off guard. You may after feel a little silly to be startled with so little. Nevertheless, it is funny to watch! Get to see the top five horror pranks ever recorded and available in YouTube, especially the last one which is very scary. Some of these are really frightening if you imagine yourself in that situation. Don’t get to many ideas from it though!

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