Best 7 iOS games of 2017

Today we make a review of the best 2017 games for iOS. We recommend you some of the titles that lead the charts in Apple devices. From the RPG adventure Galaxy of Pen & Paper to the exciting puzzle game Monument Valley 2. Take a look to the thrilling list of videogames of 2017 for iOS.

Super Mario Run

The first official Mario mobile game. It is and endless runner done by people who know to make games. It has colorful levels and a very precise control, all you can ask for a game of this kind. The negative point is the price. You need to pay 9,99 to play the full game, and it also include in-app purchases.

Link: Super Mario Run

The Walking Dead: A new frontier

Another episode of the Telltale Games that expands the zombie world of The Walking Dead. Excellent graphics and audio to set the mood of a world at the brink of destruction.

Link: The Walking Dead: A new Frontier

Asphalt Xtreme

It is the best racing game for iOS in 2017. You can race through canyons, deserts and jungles in extreme road competitions. The game has five different modes, career events and special challenges.

Link: Asphalt Xtreme

Battle of Polytopia

The game challenges you to obtain the biggest amount of points in only 30 turns. You explore the map and help to develop your civilization while battling against other groups. Can you do it?

Link: Battle of Polytopia

Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The best card game of 2017 is still Heartstone. You can enjoy the lore of the Warcraft universe while playing cards with a set of rules that takes inspiration in Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! games.

Link: Hearthstone

Galaxy of Pen & Paper

The RPG sequel of Knights of Pen & Paper continues with the satiric representation of science fiction and board games. It uses pixel retro art and tons of new gameplay elements to engage new players as they learn about the story of the characters and they explore the galaxy.

Link: Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is an astonishing puzzle adventure. It uses a minimalistic visual style and an immersive music to send the player directly to the hearth of a puzzle world with M.C. Esher style landscapes.

Link: Monument Valley 2

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