5 websites to learn how to do it yourself

Do it yourself is not only a nice slogan. It is also a way of going through life, taking care of every little aspect of your own existence without having to rely on anybody. Do you need to learn how to save money? Do you like creating your own furniture and gadgets? Here you will find the best DIY websites to ask for any theme. From daily chores to decorating your own room with little money, check out and find your own favorite DIY site.

A Do It Yourself website full of articles and reviews to make your own technological gadgets. The forums are full of tech junkies that teach you and share funny and useful stuff made with items from daily life. There are several videos, articles with step-by-step guidance and a great community willing to share and expand the DIY way of life.

Link: Makezine

Whenever you need to repair your house, Acme How-To is the place to ask for help. The community is full of people with ideas and expertise to fix your house. You can also find articles with full instructions to have your house repaired without struggling.

Link: AcmeHowTo

Navigating through you will always find the answer you seek to fix that broken door or to make a good lamp for your dining room. The users give you advice about materials and steps to fix almost any room or object on your house. It is also a good site to check if you have a project in mind to customize your house.

Link: HomeDoctor

An eco-friendly site where you can find a lot of interesting ideas to make your own house a green one. The main goal of Greenupgrader is to provide step-by-step guidance with a sustainable focus. The community is very friendly and is always eager to answer your questions.

Link: Greenupgrader

An enormous website dedicated exclusively to DIY tips. It has more than 2 million videos, articles and photo galleries to learn how to create almost anything you can imagine for your house. The website is organized in 30 categories to find related articles easily.

Link: eHow

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