Top 5, insects that could be mistaken as aliens

There are several insects and creature around the world that could be found in horror movies about extraterrestrial experiences. If you do not believe us, then check this gallery to discover the strangest insects that seem brought from other galaxy.

1. Puss Moth Caterpillar

A scary looking insect that uses mimicry in order to fend off predators. It has a pair of big black eyes and a horrid gaping mouth, but it is only a disguise. It has another face that appears in the middle of the mouth whenever it is touched.

2. Atlas Moth

The largest type of moth in the world. One of the unique traits of these kind of moth is that the front tip of the wings resemble a snake head. The Atlas Moth is one of the most popular in Southeast Asia and it is farmed for the silk they produce.

3. Tailed Emperor Butterfly Caterpillar

The caterpillar of the Tailed Emperor Butterfly of Australia is one of a kind. The forehead resembles an armor or the head of a dinosaur, but in a smaller scale. They lay the eggs in groups, so around March and April is normal to see a wave of these creatures on the trees of all Australia.

4. Scorpionfly

A strange combination of wasp and scorpion. This insect surely came from another world. They have been around the planet since the Mesozoic age and they are the ancestor of modern moths and butterflies. The impressive stinger of the scorpionfly is not used for defense or attack, but for reproduction.

5. Brazilian Treehopper

Considered the strangest of the treehoppers variants, the Brazilian Treehoppers have strange structures attached to their backs. The ball-like appendages serve the purpose of making the insect harder to eat for the predators. With hair everywhere and a scary-looking face, the Brazilian Treehoppers could have arrived from another planet because of its ugliness.

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