5 forgotten videogame mascots

In the world of videogames all characters designers want to create a Sonic or a Mario. Iconic characters that nowadays represent videogames all over the planet. However, for every Sonic and Mario, there are several characters that die without their names being known. Today we give you a Top 5 of videogames characters that almost no one remembers.

1. Titus the Fox

Have you ever heard of this guy? Titus was a fox who starred in a forgotten game called Titus the Fox: to Marrakech and Back. Nobody liked the character and the company became infamously known for making Superman 64 (the worst 3d game ever ). Thank you Titus, do not come back ever!

2. Blasto

A funny intergalactical hero like Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Phil Hartman and starring its own game was Sony’s attempt to have a mascot in the first PlayStation. The game had very poor scenarios, too elusive enemies and it was destroyed by the critics. That was enough for Blasto to become one of the mascot intents of Sony that never took off.

3. Awesome Possum

A marsupial with environmental concerns, Awesome Possum is a Sonic clone that Tengen intended to make popular in the Sega Genesis. The lack of originality made the game one of the less sold on the machine. To defeat Doctor Machino you had to answer environmental questions, an original approach to educational games, but the rest of the videogames was terrible.

4. Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

Super Nintendo is one of the consoles with most strange mascots ever. Zero came as a ripoff of Aero the Acro-Bat, a ridiculous attempt of Sunsoft to create a platformer game with badass animals to compete against Sonic. Zero came from the franchise of Aero, but soon after the release of his own game the main franchise also met its demise.

5. Bubsy

Accolade tried its best to create a furry animal with a cool attitude and Bubsy the Bobcat had three years of life and it died as a horrible character in Bubsy 3D, one of the worst 3D platformers ever. Another mascot intent that could not compare with Sonic or Mario.

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