The most hilarious Facebook comments

Social network posts allow for your friends, relatives and acquaintances to comment on everything you share. Some of the comments are really funny and clever, and we have made a selection of the most accurate and hilarious comments you need to read on Facebook.

1. The most important thing

A post about what you need to have in order to be successful in life. The joke relies on the usage of letters as if they were numbers, and then summing up the ones composing each of the words to reach a 100% rate of success in life. The answer of Christian Eleazar is not only hilarious, but also accurate.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, again

The scene where Jack (DiCaprio) dies for allowing Rose to float on the wood plank has become one of the most popular for memes. Now, a picture of Leonardo protecting a girl with an umbrella that could easily cover the two of them has inspired the best Facebook comment ever: “There’s place for 2 under that umbrella, this is Titanic all over again.”

3. The price of WiFi

A picture of a man playing videogames in a big TV screen over at Wendy’s inspired a hilarious comment about the price of Internet connection. Long live the videogames passion.

4. The garbage card

The garbage man of a family left a Christmas card on the door. When they posted it on the net, someone had the great idea to ruin the moment by depicting the final end of that card.

5. No one loves Justin Bieber

A Facebook post saying that Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was pushed towards abortion but refused, and the baby became a famous pop musician. Someone who does not like Justin Bieber music too much took advantage of the post in order to make a black joke.

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