5 DIY presents for your loved ones

If you want to create your own gifts, for Christmas, Birthdays or any special day, then you have found the best post in the web. Here you will learn 5 excellent ideas make an original and different present for your family or friends. Create funny cookie cutters, trinket tea tags or striped umbrellas, among other stuff.

1. Striped Umbrella

Turn your own plain and simple umbrella and turn it into a stylish accessory to protect you from rain or sunlight. You can do this beautiful and simple gift by using paint and a fabric umbrella. You can make almost any design you want. Just pick up a style and paint it on your umbrella. Remember to choose a fabric one, if you don’t it is probably going to end up in a mess.

2. Leather Pouch

A pouch is always useful. It does not matter if you receive one for Christmas or Birthday, when a present is useful, it is always welcome. With only 15 dollars you can buy all the stuff you need to make a leather pouch. You can cut it in different shapes for your loved ones.

3. Trinket Tea Tags

Tie strings and safety pins in different forms to tell beverages apart. This is a very useful and easy to make gift that you can customize with your own design.

4. Flavored Vodkas

You can give little flasks of vodka with different flavors. It is a small detail to enjoy the holidays enthusiasm. Give some flavor to the holiday seasons with a little booze.

5. Homemade Jam

The best way to reach someone’s heart is through food. Make a delicious homemade jam and give it as a present to those you love. You can choose the flavor you love the most and train your cooking skills as well as give a yummy present.

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