Top 5 of anime fights in 2017

Anime in 2017 was full of surprises in shonen genre. If you like extreme fights, then you can have a good time watching this gallery with 5 of the best combats in 2017 anime shows. From Attack on Titans to My Hero Academia, we show you a glimpse of the best fights in anime in the year we are waving goodbye.

1. Midoriya vs. Todoki (My Hero Academia)

The most brutal fight in My Hero Academia season 2. The two characters have to sacrifice themselves in order to attain the power to put an end to the fight that makes the season worth watching.

2. Goku vs. Kefla (Dragon Ball Super)

A list of anime fights without mentioning Dragon Ball Super cannot be made. The fight between Goku and Kefla is fabulous because it shows how Goku has to deal with an enemy that surpasses him in terms of speed.

3. Kamui vs. Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi (Gintama)

This is a raw fight between friends that includes realistic weapons and injuries and great animation. Even though Gintama is a comedy shounen, it also has great moments for action and fights among great characters.

4. Original heroes vs. Level 100 Boss (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale)

An anime series about a MMORPG videogame can very boring if it is not correctly directed. That’s why the fight against Level 100 Boss is one of the most entertaining of the anime. The original heroes from season one join all together to defeat a powerful and cruel boss in a colorful reunion.

5. Araragi vs. Kiss Shot (Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu)

The final fight between Araragi and Kiss Shot, disciple and master confront in a bloody fight that will put an end to their differences. Araragi wants to be a human again, but in order to defeat her master he has to give up all his humanity left.

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