4 incredible Dragon Ball Super themes for Chrome

Dragon Ball Super is the last animation of the japanese franchise Dragon Ball. It allows fans to enjoy fight and adventures of Goku and his friends once more. Even though it is not as popular as Dragon Ball Z, the series has received a good amount of merchandising and related stuff for smartphones, videogames and clothes. If you want to bring Dragon Ball Super anywhere, then you can download these excellent themes to customize your Chrome web browser with the best characters and scenes from the anime series.

1. Goku’s Kame Hame Ha

The iconic skill of Son Goku. The Kame Hame Ha gathers the energy of the fighter in the palm of the hands to throw it against an enemy. You can use the theme for Chrome to have the Dragon Ball Super Goku launching his most famous attack.

2. Goku Black

One of the most interesting villains of the series up until now is Goku Black. He is a misteryous character that comes from the future who wants to destroy humankind. He has the looks and the power of Goku. Has he turned evil in the future for reasons unknown to us?

3. Gohan is back

The elder son of Goku and Chichi is back to his former glory. Gohan was the one who defeated Cell, but he has never liked fighting so he stopped training. In Dragon Ball Super we can see him fighting in his top form once again, and we love him. You can customize your Chrome web browser with the best Gohan ever.

4. Ultra Instinct

One of the new power levels of Dragon Ball Super is called Ultra Instinc. The rivals Goku and Vegeta reach these stage and they can be considered as powerful as gods. The theme showing of the two of them transformed will make your browser look epic.

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