Top 5 most secluded beaches of the world

There are several beaches around the world where you can feel as if there was nothing else around. These kind of beaches are the most wanted for those travelers who enjoy calm and solitude, so we decided to enlist the Top 5 most secluded beaches around the planet. Visit these beaches if you really want to enjoy the magic of tranquility and ease.

1. La Sagesse Bay, Grenada

La Sagesse Bay is located only ten miles from Grand Anse beach resorts. It is a wonderful secluded bay with hiking trails and you can rest in the exclusive hotel and nature center, as well as enjoy the wonders of nature in a secluded space only 30 minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport.

2. Wildcat Beach, California

You can only access Wildcat Beach after a six mile hike, or by boat. The reward is one of the most beautiful shorelines of California. There are secluded campsites, the Wildcat Lake and the wonderful Alamere Falls.

3. Ko Adang, Thailand

Thailand is one of the chosen destinies for those seeking secluded beaches. Ko Adang meets the expectations with two waterfalls reached by hiking, the wonder of the emerald Andaman Sea and incredible places for scuba diving and snorkeling.

4. Kaupoa Beach, Hawaii

The least developed of the Hawaiian beaches, Kaupoa Beach is an excellent option for those who love solitude and beach scenery. There are hundreds of palm trees and golden sand that extends for several miles. A beautiful place to enjoy nature with your loved ones.

5. Sandy Beach, Molokai, Hawaii

The last of the secluded beaches we recommend you today.      has everything you need if you love sea nature and beach fun. It has a rocky beach and also a sandy one, deeper water near the shore, spots for fishing and incredible routes for hiking.

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