Download calendars for 2016

A new year is arriving and you may want to have a calendar ready to planify your activities. In Lytum we have been searching for different designs of calendars to receive 2016. Internet is full of webstites where you can find 2016 calendars, some of them are for the computer, others are for your smartphone.


There are also calendars designed to be printed and used on your house or office. You can choose the calendar you prefer, print it and use it. You can pick your calendar with images of horses, landscapes, anime, cinema or series, is up to you.

Link: Printable2016Calendar

Printable 2015 Calendar

Prepare yourself for next year with everything you need to make 2015 the most successful one. Being organized is a great way to begin a new period of life and you can do that with the different tools available from free on Internet. One of the things that you should take into consideration is printing your own calendar for 2015 and write all your plans, appointments and meetings right away..

2015-01There are lots of options and different desings and you can print them for free. Download your own calendar from this site for free now!

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Free wallpapers of monthly calendars 2014

The year 2014 is going fast and there is no time to hesitate with dates, appointments and important events. So, this is the perfect moment to download the free monthly calendar 2014 that the web site calenda2014 has to offer. They are very colorful and interesting but most importantly, they are free and high quality images with calendars ordered by month. If you want something different and direct to the point, then, you may want to check this Monthly Calendar 2014.

may 2014

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Create and personalize your calendar 2014

A new year is around the corner and we got to be ready. With time, digital calendars are getting more and more popular, because they are easy to use and above all they are free. Download a digital version of the Calendar 2014, add your best picture for each month and print it if you want. There are dozens of templates that you can use, so that you can create the calendar 2014 that best suits you.
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Free 2014 calendars for create and print online

Create calendars is possible with different online free applications for create personal 2014 calendars, and other year calendars. We have an online application with month and year calendars for create on the Internet. All the calendars included holidays and week numbers, is your choice. Enjoy your personal calendars with this online application. Do click below my friends.

Free 2014 calendars for print online calendars

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Calendars 2013 with beautiful details for use on the PC and tablets

Today we have a surprise for all of you for search the important days of the year on beautiful images with calendars 2013. We have a big compilation of calendars 2013 with beautiful details for use on the PC and tablets. Do click on the pictures below and download the different calendars 2013.

Colorful Calendar 2013

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Justin Bieber calendars 2013 for download and share

Justin Bieber is very famous in the real life but also is very famous in the social networks and on this site. We have a lot of pictures of Justin for share on Facebook and now we share with the Bieber fans a lot of Justin Bieber calendars 2013 for download and share.

1 Justin Bieber calendars 2013 calendar justin bieber

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Calendars 2013 with flowers for print or share on Facebook

With the calendars that share with you in this site you can check the important days of the year because we have a lot of different designs and colorful pictures. The compilation below includes a lot of calendars 2013 for share with friends or print and use on the bedroom, kitchen, office and other important places.

A 2012 calendar showing birthstones for each month. EPS10 vector format.

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Calendars 2013 in black and white for print or share on Facebook

All of us need calendars for check the most important days of the week and the month and is important to have a lot of them for print in the computer. In the compilation we have a lot of calendars in back and white for print in the PC or share with your friends on Facebook and another social networks. Enjoy all of them.

1 Calendars 2013 in black and white

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Colorful 2013 calendars to print or enjoy in the computer screen

The year 2013 started and everyone have dreams and objectives to accomplish in the rest of the new year. The hopes and feeling for the year 2013 are very important, because we have 365 days, or less, to do the things we like. Now, we have beautiful and colorful calendars 2013 for everybody.

1 Colorful 2013 calendars to print calendars new year


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