All about the most beautiful Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everywhere, they are famous and there are a lot of reasons for that. There are dozens of Cupcakes TV Shows, Cupcakes shops, and a whole Cupcake industry, and it is a phenomenon of recent years. The flavors used on the cupcakes could be sweet or salty, there are no restrictions at all.

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The cutest scary monsters

Monsters are defined as something that has different proportions to what we normally know. There is a common belief that monsters are bad and awful and overall very scary creatures, but the fact is that they are just different.

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Special cute monster vector pack

Normally, when we use the word monster, we refer to something really ugly and scary, but if you really look closely, they are only funny looking creatures, and some are pretty misunderstood. They are just strange and different, but some are really not that ugly. If you are a fan of this creatures, you will probably want to download a great vector pack of cute monsters so that you can create your own.


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Download free fonts for designers

More than the list of fonts available in Photoshop by default, there are several lists of free fonts also available in the Internet. Some of them are really great, although there are few that have some bugs to fix. Looking in Internet for the right font could be tiring, and that is why we present today a great collection of free fonts made specially for designers. It is important to notice that some of the packs of fonts have only letters and numbers but not symbols, and others have the complete pack. Check this before you download them and use them correctly.

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Amazing animal eyes close up

With our egocentric view of the world, we tend to think that the only type of eyes in the whole huge world just like ours. However, when we take every creature in the world and take a close up on their eyes, you will see fantastic things. This time, we are sharing with you the most interesting and amazing eyes of the animal world. Every type of eyes and its individual characteristics, create a different way of looking at the world around them.


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Creative ideas to make a great business card

As a person interested in standing out from the rest of the world, finding a nice job, promoting your business or creating new strategic alliances, it is important to have a good personal presentation, which will also include having a nice business card. The normal standard design is just a white rectangle with the basic contact information, but you can get your business card to a new level. Check out these creative ideas for business cards and create one that will make you stand out and differentiate yourself from others.


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Create your own 3D optical illusion

It is completely true! you can create your own 3D optical illusion just following three easy steps. The amazing thing about this exercise is that the you create 3D characters that will direct their eyes to you wherever you are. It is an optical illusion that will make you think twice and so easy to do that you will want to create on now. Just cut, fold and assemble and that is it.


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Cool Infographics: A site to find the best infographics in the Internet

Infograhics are very popular these days. It is a way to communicate an idea by using a combination of graphics and text, with very interesting statistics. In one infographic you can understand the main information about any topic. They are also cool to watch and to have around when you want to remember any specific information about a something in particular.

Where are the happiest school kids

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Great optical illusions that will make you dizzy

Only few know how they work, but nevertheless they are interesting and fun to see. Today we want to show you some of the best optical illusions available in the web. Please observe each one of them carefully and note the movement that they create only playing with forms and colors. There will be some that will make you dizzy if you see them for a long period of time.


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