Holiday Angry Bat Birds

Angry Birds became a online game icon that most people know. After the first game Angry Birds, many others were created and the latest one is Angry Birds Go, which is a car simulator game that for sure will catch your attention. For this Holiday, don’t miss the Angry Bat Birds special that will make you laugh. See the videos in YouTube and let us know if you like them.

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Battle of online superheroes

There are certain websites such as Amazon, Craiglist, Ebay, Google, Facebook, etc. that have a great marketing position the the mind of web surfers. When you think of an online store, you immediately think of Amazon, but if you want to buy something at a lower price or using Paypal you think of Ebay. When you want to look for something on Internet you go directly to Google, and so forth.

These websites have become very important on our web life, so Tanner created online superheroes battles using this websites. It is a great way to understand the graphic sense of humor or Tanner.


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Old Posters of TV series

There are TV series that will never get old, even though they went out the air long time ago. You keep remember some of their episodes with a hidden desire to see them again in the TV screen. Let go into the memory lane and see some of this old TV series posters, that you can download and share. Some of this TV series are Who’s The Boss, Bewitched, Dr. Quinn, Third Rock from the Sun and the very famous Friends, among others.


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Free fonts to enhance your designs

When you are creating your unique designs, you need special fonts that will truly enhance your work. Looking over the Internet can be a little tiring so today we present you a great site to download the best free fonts. Some of this fonts are great, and are easy to use. To download them, just pass over the font with your mouse and press enter, the download process will begin immediately. There are dozens of free fonts to download.
fontLink: Download free fonts

The weirdest Tattoos ever

We have talked a lot about great ideas for tattoos, but what happens when something goes wrong and you end having the worst, most weird tattoo ever? It has happened to many people, but the difference is that they do like their weird tattoos. After you see these pictures, you will think twice before tattooing something on your skin that will be with you forever. If you have a tattoo that is considered weird by your friends, please share it!

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Funny honest slogans for famous brands

What if all the famous brands actually use honest and direct slogans for their marketing campaigns? Take a look to some examples of funny honest slogans and chuckle with the truthfulness of this special sentences. This is an art project created by Clif Dickens, who wanted to show what normal people really think about the certain brands. Some of the brands represented in this art project are: Netflix, Pepsi, Candy Crush, ChapStick, iTunes and NyQuil, among others.

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Free templates to make boxes and bags

Few times we have the opportunity to see how the normal things that we use everyday are made. Now you can see the actual templates of many different types of boxes and bags. You may use the generator to change the templates and male something more customized, or you can just print the template and use it with the right kind of paper. Some of the templates are: pillow pack, counter display, milk carton, bag, envelop and gift box, among others. In any case, these templates are free and very useful, take a look.


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25 Music tattos desings

Before getting a tattoo, you got to be certain that you are getting exactly what you want, and that the design chosen really represents one of your passions. Music is a passion for many people, and they live through music so deeply that getting a tattoo with a music related theme is just a normal thing to do. Don’t decide to do anything before you see in our gallery the best music tattoos design ever made. You will probably find very good ideas and be happy with your tattoo.
music tattoo
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Great tribal tattoo designs ideas for arms

There is a gap between a tribal design idea and how it actually looks on your skin. However, you may shorten that gap by taking a look to the tribal tattoo on a real person. Now you have an opportunity to really see how it will look and what modification you can made before tattooing your arm. Choosing the best color ink and the best position.
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Great Christmas ideas to decorate your home

Although the usual Christmas colors are red, white and green, each year there is a new trend for Christmas decorations. For 2013, the color of Christmas is also a combination of purples and violets, so go crazy and add lots of color to your home. if you are running out of ideas for your front door or Christmas tree, there are many options I am sure you have not try. In this post, we share with you great ideas to decorate your home this Christmas. Chek them out!
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