Horror artists and their art

Artists such as Ben Fenton, Tattoo Bob, Ashley Thorpe, Tanya Lane, Shawn Conn and Lana Barboza, among many others, have a great sense of what is truly scary. Their work depicts the horror of death, blood, killers, body parts and all the things that one person can imagine in the darkest place of their mind.


It is an art that is difficult to see for some, and very interesting for others. Each artists is presented with a little biography and their horror art. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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Spooky photo of ghosts

One of the most famous ghost pictures take is The Brown Lady, which was taken in England in 1936. When you see the photograph you get goose bumps, it is really a spooky picture of a clear ghost and it is completely real.

You may wonder how these ghost pictures are taken, or how a person is able to capture a spirit on film. There is no correct answer, there is a combination of various factors that create a scary scene.

ghostsTake a look to these 13 pictures of ghost and draw your on conclusions. There are some that look fake, but they aren’t, or at least the a pretty good examples of a manipulated pic.

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The most amazing horror movies kills

One of the most dreading things on horror movies is how the bad guy kills one by one all the people on the story. Horrible scenes that will make us close our eyes and hope to go quickly because of the intense feeling of fear or dread that it provokes. However, we always want to see a little bit of it. Let’s see if you can go watching 7 and a half minutes of the most horrible kills on these movies!

Captura de pantalla 2014-07-07 a la(s) 10.38.58

Some of the movies on this little video are:

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Best Horror films of 2014

The year 2014 has not finished yet, but there are some horror films that are some of the best scary movies made on the latest years.

Some of the horror films that will scare you this year are: Oculus, The Green Inferno, The Human Race, Willow Creek, The Purge: Anarchy and Deliver Us Devil, among many others.

Captura de pantalla completa 22062014 113717 p.m..bmpThese movies are base on horrifying spirits that some how enter our world to get vengeance. This year there no monsters or hideous creatures as the main story of these scary films.

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The truth behind some urban legends

Urban legends are designed to scare us and to prevent us to do some normal things that usually we will do. But, are these urban legends truth?

Urban legends came from a somewhere, and through time and exaggeration, some of these stories have grown to become scary tales that you should be careful with. This time Mathew Santoro created a video where he tells you the truth behind some of the most known urban legends in the US.

These urban legends are actually true! are you even more scare than before?

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Creepy photos of ghosts wandering around

What is it about ghosts that makes us so afraid to turn off the lights? if they really exist, they live in another dimension and they cannot touch us, or could they? In any case, we are afraid of what we don’t understand and don’t see. We can just feel the presence of these spirits and sometimes we can get them to appear on some weird and creepy photo.

article-2188507-148BF132000005DC-514_634x421Check out these ghosts pictures and decide if they are for real or just a great photo manipulation. Every pic is known to be a real one.

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The scariest horror movie weapons

I always wonder what the writer was thinking when he or she created some of the most horrible movies ever made. It is very interesting to get inside the minds of these people and watch for a second the train of thoughts they are having at these moments of creation.

The horror movies are a compilation of scary moments and horrible weapons use to kill all the characters on the story.

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Top 10 Horrible medical scams

Most people hate to visit the doctor or any health professional, even if it is for a quick check up. Imagine if the people you trust your health are the real criminals that you should be afraid of.

rbrb_0441I am sure that if you read these top 10 horrifying scams committed by health professionals, you will be even more afraid to visit the doctor and will be more careful choosing the person who is going to help you be in good health.

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Bizarre photos of people with birth defects

Nature is amazing but sometimes it works on weird ways. For the people that are going to be shown on this pictures, nature have been almost a punishment.

Nevertheless, these birth defect are so interesting for science; they let specialist know all the possibilities and strange things that can happen with the human body.

20060907190741If you are a very sensitive person I advice that you don’t see this pictures, since they are a little harsh. If you want to watch them, you may be impress but these amazing people.

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Funny horror memes to share on your Facebook

There is something so funny about horror movies. They defy all common sense and seem to only have dumb characters that do everything they should not. Putting all that into a funny horror meme will make you laugh your brains out…or perhaps will scare you to death! Nothing you canĀ“t relate to, I am sure.

horror-movie-logic_c_1999571There is a whole site (memecenter) with these great memes. But you can also check out some on these post, which we have filled with great options of funny horror memes.

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