Juice Box: A new Rovio challenge

After the great success of Candy Crush, there is a new game with more or less the same actions but a little more interesting. Rovio created Juice Box, which requires the player to get three or more fruits of the same type to make juice. The difference is that you can go any direction you want, making it a lot of fun, very interesting and challenging. Try it out in any of the game online stores:


Link: Rovio – Juice Box

Create your own app in 5 simple steps

We have entered a new stage of Internet communications; everything is now easy accessed through an app. It does not matter if you have an Apple device or an Android device; there are thousands of apps created for all necessities and interests. You can now be a part of that internet revolution creating your own app, and converting your web site into a well known app through 5 simple steps. If you are unsure, try the free version and then if you like it buy the license to get to a wider audience.
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Wallpapers for iPad 2, 4 and 5

One good thing about having a cell phone or mobile device is that you can personalize it and accommodate your apps as you want. You may upload a personal picture, or perhaps you prefer to download a great image from one of the wallpaper collections available in Internet. Whatever your decision, we want to show you a great site where you can download free wallpapers with diverse topics for your iPad 2, 4 or 5. Continue reading