5 apps to create your own polls easily

If you need to choose something with your friends, you can create your own poll easily and vote. Thanks to these apps you will be able to create polls to decide on different subjects among friends, family or co-workers, it is easy and fast.


It does not matter if you are choosing where to eat tonight or the next destiny for your holidays, thanks to Upvoter, updwn and Twitter Polls, among others, you can create polls easily and decide democratically what to do.

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8 messaging apps for Android

Messaging apps in Android are among the most popular in downloading charts. The usage of Internet and 3G and 4G connectivity to send messages, photos and audio files to friends is the key to understand the popularity of smartphones today.


Here at Lytum we have decided to present a list with 8 messaging apps that you do not have to forget to install on your phone.

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Juice Box: A new Rovio challenge

After the great success of Candy Crush, there is a new game with more or less the same actions but a little more interesting. Rovio created Juice Box, which requires the player to get three or more fruits of the same type to make juice. The difference is that you can go any direction you want, making it a lot of fun, very interesting and challenging. Try it out in any of the game online stores:


Link: Rovio – Juice Box

Holiday Angry Bat Birds

Angry Birds became a online game icon that most people know. After the first game Angry Birds, many others were created and the latest one is Angry Birds Go, which is a car simulator game that for sure will catch your attention. For this Holiday, don’t miss the Angry Bat Birds special that will make you laugh. See the videos in YouTube and let us know if you like them.

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Create your own app in 5 simple steps

We have entered a new stage of Internet communications; everything is now easy accessed through an app. It does not matter if you have an Apple device or an Android device; there are thousands of apps created for all necessities and interests. You can now be a part of that internet revolution creating your own app, and converting your web site into a well known app through 5 simple steps. If you are unsure, try the free version and then if you like it buy the license to get to a wider audience.
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Plants vs. Zombies 2 is ready for its fans

After the complete success of one of PopCap games: Plants vs Zombies, all the fans were waiting for a second part with more challenges and new levels to enjoy the fight among these two all time enemies. Finally, it is out. You can find it on Play.Google for free, but there are still certain requirements that you have to have before downloading and playing the game. For example, you need Android 2.3 (Gingerbread); ARMv7 1,0 Ghz o superior; 1 GB of RAM, among others.

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WhatsApp Messenger biggest secret: Double check mark

Whatsapp have been growing over the last two years to the point that it has one of the biggest user platforms in the world. It does not necessarily means that it is the best messaging app ever created, but only that it gets the job done well enough for people to continue using it. However, it is a common misconception among Whatsapp users, that the first check mark means that the message has arrive to its destination and that a double check mark means the message has been read. After of a whole bunch of broken relationships, Whatsapp reveals its dirty secret:

Tips and tricks for Clash of Clans game app

Clash of Clans is another of those very popular social games, available for Facebook platform and also as an app for iPad. If you are one of the thousands of users over the world, you may want to get some help to win battles and gain more points. There is a whole collection of videos with tips and tricks to use you resources more efficiently and your to their whole potential. Some of them are:
How to Use Ballons Properly

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3 Great game apps for Android

The cell phone market is divided in two between Apple and Android. Happily, the app options for both of them are incredibly big, and sometimes you even have the same apps for both operational systems. On a earlier post we talked about 5 great apps for Apple, now it is the turn for Android. Next, 3 of the most popular games apps for Android that are also free:
Angry Birds

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5 Best free games for iPad (2013)

Even though the prices of the apps are not incredibly expensive, we are always looking for free ones that will give us some sort of joy; even more if we are talking about games. You may ask yourself, which are the best free games for iPad for 2013, and the answer is a list of more than 70 different options for all kinds of taste in games. However, if you narrow down the list to the 5 top most popular games 2013 for iPads, then please take a look to the following free apps:
Dumb Ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die-580-90Link: Download Dumb Ways to Die
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