Calendars Design

Create and personalize your calendar 2014

A new year is around the corner and we got to be ready. With time, digital calendars are getting more and more popular, because they are easy to use and above all they are free. Download a digital version of the Calendar 2014, add your best picture for each month and print it if you want. There are dozens of templates that you can use, so that you can create the calendar 2014 that best suits you.

Pictures Wallpapers

George Clooney Wallpapers

There are so many famous people, but just a few a so incredibly handsome and interesting like George Clooney. He is not a young man but he has something that melts women around the globe. If you are one of his fans, you will probably love this post. We bring a small collection of George Clooney Wallpaper images for you to enjoy on your computer or mobile device screen.



Thanks Giving pictures to share

Thanks Giving is approaching and we have to be ready. It is a time to be thankful and meet with our family and close friends. Sometimes it could be very stressful but at the end we are happy to have lived that special moment together with the people you love. There are many kinds of families and endless types of people, and that is why there are many funny things that happen on Thanks Giving. Share one of these images with your friends and found out what they think!


More than 150 Photoshop Brushes for Halloween

Just few days for the scariest night in the year!!! For sure you will need some help designing invitations for your Halloween Party, or decoring your office. That is why we found tishese amazing collection of Photoshop Brushes C5 for free. Download them and create a wonderful creepy design and impress your friends or colleges. On these extense collection you will find phantoms, bones, crips, blod, creepy trees and houses and bats, among many others.


Tribal tattoo ideas for men

Tracing tattoos back in time to its beginning its almost impossible since it has been a part of human life for so long. Nowadays, tattoos are trendy and they dont have that negative appreciation they used to have. Many young people are using the tribal tattoo art to to symbolize the Power, prestige in society, spirituality, or unconventional identity. Tribal tattoos are getting bigger and bigger with time, since people really want to show off their body. Look through this tribal tattoo collection and get inspired for your next tattoo.

Anime Wallpapers

The most amazing Anime Wallpapers

If you love Anime, then you will love this web site. It has a great collection of Anime Wallpapers in many different sizes so you can fit your screen. Download these wallpapers for iPad, cell phones or computers screen. if you are unsure about your screen resolution, the site will tell you so you get the one that best fits you. The wallpapers are also rated and clasified according to their popularity.


Justin Bieber memes

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular singers in the US, and many might wonder why. Is it because he is “cute”? or is it because he is such a good singer? Fame is something very interesting. Anyways, share your opinion about Justin Bieber through one of this memes that probably you will understand pretty well. For sure, your friends and you will share a laugh.


Special Happy Birthday Memes

During the birthday of someone you know and care about, saying Happy Birthday is just OK, but another fun way to wish a Happy Birthday is using great meme designs. Choose the best one on the Memecenter site and make a comment, share it through a short cut bottom, tweet it or just copy and paste it wherever you want. For sure your friends will love it and have a laugh with one of these special Happy Birthday Memes.

Design Pictures

The greatest Halloween nail art

Prepare yourself for Halloween and get the most out of it. At flavorwire you will find the 25 greatest nail design ever seen. Some of them are actually disgusting, with some blood and funny aspect. Others have incredible portrays of Frankenstein, Zombies, Dracula and other interesting movie characters, such as Freddy Krueger and Jason from Halloween Movie, among others.


Collection of Short Love Poems

When you are in love everything seems different and beautiful. Every little everyday task takes another meaning if you are having a great time with your love partner. One way to show your love and your deep feelings is through short love poems, which you can share on your Facebook wall, send via e-mail, or share through messaging or WhatsApp. At the Poetrypad you will find a great list of short love poems that you can use with not restrictions at all.