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WhatsApp Messenger biggest secret: Double check mark

Whatsapp have been growing over the last two years to the point that it has one of the biggest user platforms in the world. It does not necessarily means that it is the best messaging app ever created, but only that it gets the job done well enough for people to continue using it. However, it is a common misconception among Whatsapp users, that the first check mark means that the message has arrive to its destination and that a double check mark means the message has been read. After of a whole bunch of broken relationships, Whatsapp reveals its dirty secret:

Demotivational posters

30 Hilarious Motivational Posters

Nothing like a pictures that says more than a thousand words! But if you add a little of ironic meaning they are just hilarious. The motivational posters add just a little twist of the everyday happenings in life, full of creativity and laughter. Share these funny motivational posters on your wall and create nice interesting conversations among your friends.


Design Do-it-yourself

Good resume design ideas

Looking for a job could be very stressful, and you need to get all the help you can get to have the best possible opportunities. One aspect to consider is how you will design your resume so that it stands out from a bunch of other documents, and that it wont be easily forgotten. That is why, we bring new interesting design ideas for your proffesional resume, very easy to make. Take one of these templates or build a combination of them.


Great tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of those games that thousands of people are playing right this minute and sometimes it can get pretty difficult. There is a difference between playing Candy Crush Saga from Facebook platform on the computer, or playing it from you cellphone or mobile device. The main difference is the number of power ups that you can use during the game.
There are some tips that you can follow to get a better result on the game and to avoid feeling frustrated when you don’t win a specific level.


The best Halloween Memes 2013

It is truly to early to blog a Halloween post! It is coming very fast and you have to be prepared. Halloween is more than a fun day, it is also a time to be crazy, relax and leave open a door to be whoever you want. Halloweenmemes in Facebook has the biggest collection of memes completely free. Begin having fun with these special memes and publish them on your Facebook wall!


Download Printable Bookmarkers

This is a special post for those who really like to read and appreciate their books as a great unique treasure. Now you can download the template to make your own bookmarkers. These bookmarkers designs are not the usual hard paper rectangle, but a foxy one with a very cute face. In just three steps you will have a personalized bookmarker, just for you. Besides that, it really works as a gift.

Design Pictures

Last minute ideas for a Halloween custom

Halloween is getting closer and many people don’t have the time to go pick up a Halloween custom for the party or trick or treat night. If you are having troubles choosing one, or don´t have neither the time nor the money, here are 15 great and easy last minute Halloween face paint ideas. You just need some face paint and some help to make great designs on your face.

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Tips and tricks for Clash of Clans game app

Clash of Clans is another of those very popular social games, available for Facebook platform and also as an app for iPad. If you are one of the thousands of users over the world, you may want to get some help to win battles and gain more points. There is a whole collection of videos with tips and tricks to use you resources more efficiently and your to their whole potential. Some of them are:
How to Use Ballons Properly

Emo Facebook

Download free Emo covers for Facebook

Emo style is more than a looks, it is a way of thinking that fills your life completely. Then, it is only logical that you want to have a Emo cover to personalize your Facebook profile. Go to BestEmoCoversForTimeline on Facebook, press the I LIKE bottom and look over the dozens of Emo Covers that they have created for you. New covers are upload regularly and the best of all, is that it is all free.

Mobile apps

3 Great game apps for Android

The cell phone market is divided in two between Apple and Android. Happily, the app options for both of them are incredibly big, and sometimes you even have the same apps for both operational systems. On a earlier post we talked about 5 great apps for Apple, now it is the turn for Android. Next, 3 of the most popular games apps for Android that are also free:
Angry Birds