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Holiday Angry Bat Birds

Angry Birds became a online game icon that most people know. After the first game Angry Birds, many others were created and the latest one is Angry Birds Go, which is a car simulator game that for sure will catch your attention. For this Holiday, don’t miss the Angry Bat Birds special that will make you laugh. See the videos in YouTube and let us know if you like them.

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Animated Optical Illusions

There are thousands of good examples of great optical illusions, and they are awesome, but only a few times you may see animated ones. This time, we have a great collection of videos that show amazing animated illusions that will leave you intrigued and surprise. Take the time to see these videos and perhaps you may want to try to make one of them since it seem pretty easy!


Battle of online superheroes

There are certain websites such as Amazon, Craiglist, Ebay, Google, Facebook, etc. that have a great marketing position the the mind of web surfers. When you think of an online store, you immediately think of Amazon, but if you want to buy something at a lower price or using Paypal you think of Ebay. When you want to look for something on Internet you go directly to Google, and so forth.

These websites have become very important on our web life, so Tanner created online superheroes battles using this websites. It is a great way to understand the graphic sense of humor or Tanner.



Funny GIFs of pets misbehaving

If you own a pet for sure you have enjoy their mishaps and even record them when they are doing something funny or just being jerks. Sometimes the things they do are so worth sharing with the rest of the world and today is the day when we will enjoy some of the funniest GIFs of pets being jerks. I am sure you will want to share it with friends the next time you have a chance.



The 7 best books of 2013

Dozens of books are published each year, but only a few make it to the top. There are bestsellers that rapidly will get to the most read books of the year and will sell thousands of copies. If you are one of those people that love to read, then you will appreciate this list with the 7 best books of 2013. You may read a review and description of each book on he following link.

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Incredible maze tattoos for arms

There is something truly amazing about great tattoo designs and at least for me, the best tattoos do not have lots of color but a clean monochromatic line with a special design. Here are some ideas to tattoos that also look like sleeves. They are made with clean black lines and using the anatomy of the human body. These are great designs that you will love.


Amazing animated short videos

Always, when you sit on a movie theater to see a good movie, you are shown great animated short videos that let you think who is the genius who makes them possible. The site machoarts has some of the 15 most amazing animated videos ever made, and you can see them without leaving your house. You may share them on your Facebook’s wall and see what your friends think of them.

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Old Posters of TV series

There are TV series that will never get old, even though they went out the air long time ago. You keep remember some of their episodes with a hidden desire to see them again in the TV screen. Let go into the memory lane and see some of this old TV series posters, that you can download and share. Some of this TV series are Who’s The Boss, Bewitched, Dr. Quinn, Third Rock from the Sun and the very famous Friends, among others.



Happy New Year 2014 wallpapers

The new year is coming and the best way to receive it is with lots of happiness and well wishes for yourself and everyone else. Use one of these Happy New Year 2014 wallpapers for your computer screen and remember yourself every day of the best way to begin this new year. All these wallpapers are high definition and great for your iPads or any other mobile device.


Demotivational posters

Great desmotivational posters for Christmas

People have mix feelings during Christmas time, but most of them go through this special date with some humor. Here is a great collection of Desmotivational posters for Christmas that will make you laugh. You will see through this collection of desmotivational posters some that you will want to share with family and friends or just post it on your wall in Facebook.