Incredibox: Create your own music

Express your musicality with the online app: Incredibox. The first time you use it you do not need to register, just choose among the three characters and then create music choosing from a selection of 5 different tunes, effects, melody, chorus and voices. It is so easy, it only has three basic steps to create music. Incredibox is an amazing online app, try it!


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Cool melanistic animal pictures

First of all, lets explain what melanism means: it is the opposite term for albinism. So the animals that are melanistic have dark skin and fur. Here are some interesting pictures, collected by Cools Pics Bro, where many melanistic animals can be seen. You will be surprised by this photos since they are so different to the usual look of animals such as tigers, snakes and mouse, etc.


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Listen to the forest and relax

In these stressful times it is necessary to stop and relax at some point in life. Many researches state that meditation is the best way to quite the mind and become healthier and happier. Take a few minutes to listen to the forest, the little animals and the sound of the wind. If you truly like it, you may buy the CD, but try it first and have fun relaxing and becoming more in contact with yourself.

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Create your own 3D optical illusion

It is completely true! you can create your own 3D optical illusion just following three easy steps. The amazing thing about this exercise is that the you create 3D characters that will direct their eyes to you wherever you are. It is an optical illusion that will make you think twice and so easy to do that you will want to create on now. Just cut, fold and assemble and that is it.


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Cool Infographics: A site to find the best infographics in the Internet

Infograhics are very popular these days. It is a way to communicate an idea by using a combination of graphics and text, with very interesting statistics. In one infographic you can understand the main information about any topic. They are also cool to watch and to have around when you want to remember any specific information about a something in particular.

Where are the happiest school kids

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Download Royalty free music

How many times have you upload a video in YouTube and Vimeo and it has been erased because of the music used on the video? You can avoid this by searching on the royalty free music library on the web site “Stock Music Site” and downloading the song that you like the most. That way, your videos will be safe and other people may see them with no problem.

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Great optical illusions that will make you dizzy

Only few know how they work, but nevertheless they are interesting and fun to see. Today we want to show you some of the best optical illusions available in the web. Please observe each one of them carefully and note the movement that they create only playing with forms and colors. There will be some that will make you dizzy if you see them for a long period of time.


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Creepy photos of abandoned asylums of the US

A hospital or an asylum is never a nice place to be, but when these buildings (hospitals, asylums, jails, etc.) get abandoned, they show the deepest ugliness of their nature. If you are not too sure about this fact, try watching some of the creepiest photos of abandoned asylums of the US. I must warn you that some of them are pretty scary! With only a quick look at these pics you will be able to imagine the most horrible stories that took place in there.


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Great manga style illustrations

This is a special post for manga lovers. You got to see the new set of manga style illustrations for you to download for free. Don’t forget to thank the creator of this designs before you borrow them for your personal use. Some of these designs are unique and some are scenes from a certain story. The illustrations are full of color and character, and very high quality drawings.


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