Behind The Scenes Shots From Popular Movies

We you go to see a movie and you love it, you ask yourself how did they do certain scenes? and perhaps you want to see the behind scenes of the movie. Most DVDs bring an option to see all the work producers and actors have to go through to make a movie and sometimes it is almost as interesting as the movie itself. This time, you have an opportunity to see how some of the most popular movies were made, for example: Harry Potter, Inception, Jaws and Planet of Apes, among others.

Django Unchained2

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You probably look for the newspaper’s fun stuff to spend some time with the “find the differences”, “Word search”, “Crosswords” and of course the Maze. Now you can create your own maze and print it for free. With Maze Generator¬† you may choose the style of the maze, and also its difficulty. Choose between the number of rows and size, then you press “generate new” and you will have the perfect maze for you. There is also an option to download a PDF pf your new maze and an option to see the solution.