Amazing pictures of animals in the womb

Babies are beautiful and most people feel a deep connection to the beginning of life. Baby animals are as beautiful as a human baby and we feel this instant need to care for them and watch them grow. In an special created by National Geographic, you can see the wonders of technology, combining three dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to let you see who animals in the womb look like. Without doubt, it is something you need to see to experience the wonder of life.


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The most amazing street art of 2013

Cities would be more interesting if we had lots of street painters do some art on all boring white walls. Of course, there are a lot of people that will disagree with me, but first, take a look to the following pictures of the most amazing street art of 2013, and let me know what you think of them. Some are truly amazing and will add something unique to otherwise boring city.


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Awesome collection of quotes

Surfing on the web you may find many sites with lots of quotes, but without doubt highexistence site is one of the top 5. On this site you will find some of the best quotes ever said by famous people, movie scripts, etc.; also you will find lots of nice pictures with interesting quotes and videos with amazing content. There is a special button to share any of the quotes that you like, or you may just copy and paste it anywhere you want.

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Great “Oh no!” .GIFs

Take some time to see each and everyone of them and for sure you will get amazed by this “Oh no!” moments. I am sure you never expect the things to go so wrong as they went, so these .GIFs will get your mouth wide open. I particularly like the first one, just because I never expected someone so dumb as to do that split on a cliff. What is your favorite?

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Abandoned Olympic sites

This year 2014, the Winter Olympic games took place on Sochi, a Russian city. The government created a wonderful infrastructure so that the Olympic athletes have the best possible site for their sport events. In 1984, the Winter Olympic games took place on Sarajevo, and after the war the site was completely abandoned and forgotten. These are some of the pictures of that abandoned site. It is a shame that such a huge investment is now only ruins. Photos taken by Dado Ruvic, Reuters.


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Dozens of .GIFs: Pranks to laugh out loud

Pranks are unbelievably hilarious only when it happens to other people. Probably you are one of those people that are always looking for new ideas to startle a unsuspected victim! if that is the case check out instructable web site for fun and easy pranks. If you only want to laugh your heart out and want to have something fun to share with friends, take a look to these 32 hilarious pranks and laugh out load for hours!.


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Best motivational videos

Sometimes life seems a little (or a lot) hard and we need something that cheer us up. We may call a friend or go to a psychologist, or just go and watch a good movie that speaks directly to your soul. Everything is valid and this time we want to share a list of motivational videos gathered by motivationgrid. Take some time to watch these motivational videos and perhaps you will find a renew hope on life.


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Collection of funny memes

It is time to renew your selection of funny memes and share them on Facebook or Google +. Probably you are looking for nice and funny memes to show your friends and make fun of a recent situation or news. If that is the case, then check out Memebase and see the trendiest memes and look for nice options according to a wide variety of different themes.

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Creative ideas to make a great business card

As a person interested in standing out from the rest of the world, finding a nice job, promoting your business or creating new strategic alliances, it is important to have a good personal presentation, which will also include having a nice business card. The normal standard design is just a white rectangle with the basic contact information, but you can get your business card to a new level. Check out these creative ideas for business cards and create one that will make you stand out and differentiate yourself from others.


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