Download free fonts for designers

More than the list of fonts available in Photoshop by default, there are several lists of free fonts also available in the Internet. Some of them are really great, although there are few that have some bugs to fix. Looking in Internet for the right font could be tiring, and that is why we present today a great collection of free fonts made specially for designers. It is important to notice that some of the packs of fonts have only letters and numbers but not symbols, and others have the complete pack. Check this before you download them and use them correctly.

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New funny memes to begin your day

Having a bad day? take a few minutes to look for something funny, and show a smile. For sure that will make you feel better and probably you will make some one happier if you just share your favorite meme on your network profile. Here are 15 of the funniest memes on the web to begin your day with a smile. I am sure you will find one that will make your day!

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Funny animal pics that will make you smile

A good photographer has to be patient and intrepid, but also he or she must also be lucky to capture the perfect shot and the perfect timing. This post is about some of the most amazing perfectly timed pictures of animals in the wild and even at home, that will make you laugh and begin the day with the right foot. Some of these pictures of animals being themselves are truly amazing and they happened only one time in life!


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Funny pics of this week

We are always looking to share something fun and interesting on our Facebook wall, and sometimes we surf on the web looking for something nice that we never find. This time, we want you to have a wide range of options to make your friends laugh. Come and see more than 80 pics, each one better than the last one. Just copy and paste the pics on your electronic device and share them on Facebook or Pinterest.


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Birthday wishes for your friends

Probably you are one of those people that won’t remember any birthday what so ever and need the help of Facebook to be able to remember important dates. If that is the case, you also probably never know what to write to wish a happy birthday. Your problems will be solved with Free E Cards, just pick the one that looks like the person you want to wish a Happy Birthday and send it with a nice message. I am sure the person will truly appreciate it and it will only take a couple of minutes.


Link: Birthday wishes for your friends

Spooky places to visit in the US

Places that may look normal and even pretty from the outside, may hide a horrible and spooky story that will really make you cry and leave the place fast enough. There are some people that enjoy entering these places and feel scare to their bone just for fun. If you are wondering if there are some of these place located close to you, check out this list of spooky place with its story.

seriously - the Jonesboro, IN public library

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Amazing animal eyes close up

With our egocentric view of the world, we tend to think that the only type of eyes in the whole huge world just like ours. However, when we take every creature in the world and take a close up on their eyes, you will see fantastic things. This time, we are sharing with you the most interesting and amazing eyes of the animal world. Every type of eyes and its individual characteristics, create a different way of looking at the world around them.


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Amazing inspiring videos

Waking up in the morning and getting ready for a day of work can be a routine so boring that will let you even more exhausted than before. Some time we need a little help or a little motivation each day. For those special cases where you find yourself with no motivation, there is a great web site that has some of the most amazing inspiring videos on the web. Take some time to watch a few of them and get ready to your work day with a newer perspective.

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Great pictures with Happy Birthday wishes

Thanks to Facebook and even Skype, we have day notice of any birthday of a friends. I cannot even remember the time where you have to have all birth dates on your head so that you would forget any of them. But now, the question is: what to write other than “Happy Birthday”? perhaps something deeper in meaning or feeling and a little longer just to show your friends that you really care for them. To make your life easier take a look to the following birthday wishes and use them any time.


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New motivational videos to star your day with the right foot

Life is always moving forward and it has its ups and its very downs. Sometimes you will feel really bad and will see the world with big grey eyes, negative thoughts or just a very flat life with no motivation at all. Whatever the case, sometimes you just need some motivational words, something different to think, another way to see life.

Today is the day to see some of these motivational videos and get ready to change your day. Any of the 5 videos that are available for you now, are different positive ways to look at your everyday life. Keep the post and listen to them every time you are feeling a little down.

Link: Motivational videos