Horror Memes

Funny horror memes to share on your Facebook

There is something so funny about horror movies. They defy all common sense and seem to only have dumb characters that do everything they should not. Putting all that into a funny horror meme will make you laugh your brains out…or perhaps will scare you to death! Nothing you can´t relate to, I am sure.

horror-movie-logic_c_1999571There is a whole site (memecenter) with these great memes. But you can also check out some on these post, which we have filled with great options of funny horror memes.


Create your own Emo avatar

This is one of the best Emo avatar makers of the web. Once you go through the ads and the first stages of the avatar maker, you get to choose the hair style and color, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and body type, clothes and accessories.

Captura de pantalla completa 29052014 084756 p.m..bmpAt the end you get your Emo avatar that you can use on your Facebook profile, or any other social network, share it with friends or just keep it for you. It is easy, it is free, and it is fun, Try it!


Steps to create your own Anime character

Creating an Anime character could be very interesting, but also a difficult task if you don´t know much about this special kind of art. Wikihow has the perfect tutorial to create amazing Anime characters.

animeThe first step of every creation, believe or not, is the conceptual part. It means that you need to create first the personality of the character, his or her characteristics, with talents and superpowers, which will be after translated to a nice and unique character. Try it! it is easy and fun.

Horror Pictures

10 Horror movie killers

The most important character of a horror movie is the monster or the killer. He or she is the one who creates all the tension in the movie and without this character it would be only a boring movie. So, now, who are your favorite horror movie characters?

indexFor me, my favorite is Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, but there are so many others. Check out the list of the top 10 horror movie killers and let us know your favorite.


Happy birthday images to share on Facebook

Remembering a birthday is very important for most people, and now Facebook helps you do that with your friends, family and even coworkers. Just sending a message of Happy Birthday could be boring, so you can try and send some of the images to wish the best to the person who is celebrating a special day.

Sometimes sending a message to a coworker could be awkward, with these images will be easy and a nice touch.

happy_birthday_in_sand_188895The Happy Birthday images found on this site are fun, different and also free, so take advantage if it and wish a happy day to your friends on Facebook.

Design Do-it-yourself

All about the most beautiful Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everywhere, they are famous and there are a lot of reasons for that. There are dozens of Cupcakes TV Shows, Cupcakes shops, and a whole Cupcake industry, and it is a phenomenon of recent years. The flavors used on the cupcakes could be sweet or salty, there are no restrictions at all.

IMG_20121221_080748If you like cupcakes and wonder if you could make some that will impress your friends, you must see the web site justbeautifulcupcakes. There you will find advice for decorations, instructions and recipes, among others.


The best urban legends that actually happened

A urban legend is a tale or a myth that may or may not happen, or even just a little bit of the story is true but not all. When we talk about urban legends we are referring to the contemporary legends that most of us have listen to at some point in life.


Some of the urban legends that we are going to share today through Slideshare, are tales that most people think they truly happened and that through the years they have become an urban tale. Check it out!


Scary pictures of real zombies

The existence of zombies is an old urban legend. We imagine these zombies with weird eyes and their arms extended in a crazy way. The may eat the brains of healthy people and kill everything on their way as shown on movies.


There are other stories stating that zombies are just people with no soul, walking dead and that their soul has been taken by witches. Believe what you want!

Anime Tribals

5 Great Anime tribal ideas for your tattoo

There is something special for everyone. If you are an anime lover and you want to have a tattoo, you will probably think of ideas to combine both of them. Get some ideas checking out 5 great anime tribal designs for your tattoo and think where on your body they will work the best. Any anime character could became a nice tribal design.

dfseThese anime tribal ideas where made by very talented artists, so be respectful of their designs.


The most beautiful love poems

When we are in love, everything seems to acquire a different color, everything is beautiful and we seem to be walking on clouds. Love is as beautiful as painful is a broken heart, but still we make our best to enjoy those times that we are head over heels.

indexDuring that time, why not share the most beautiful love poems found on the web. Share it on your Facebook, or send it to a love one.