Free compilation of Gothic fonts

Check out this collection of free Gothic fonts with more than 200 options. These are some sort of Medieval fonts with the complete group of letters, numbers and characters. You may use these resources to help you create your own images and text with this unique style.

sketch_gothic_schoolTo get these Gothic fonts you don’t need to register on the site, just press the download button and enjoy for free.

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The most amazing horror movies kills

One of the most dreading things on horror movies is how the bad guy kills one by one all the people on the story. Horrible scenes that will make us close our eyes and hope to go quickly because of the intense feeling of fear or dread that it provokes. However, we always want to see a little bit of it. Let’s see if you can go watching 7 and a half minutes of the most horrible kills on these movies!

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Some of the movies on this little video are:

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Beautiful love pics to share on Google Plus and Facebook

Lets end this week with some of the most beautiful love pics ever found on the web. Yell I Love You to the world and be in love for some time! You can download these love pics on your computer or you may share them using the shortcuts of social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn.

imagesAll the images on this site are chosen carefully and are very high quality. Good love pics share free for all users. There are roses, hearts, kisses and in love couples, etc.

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Demotivational posters to laugh with friends

Great demotivational posters to share on your Facebook wall or just on any other social network. Sometimes we need to say something and we don’t know how, in those cases nothing better than some demotivational posters that will make you laugh or even cry with their dark humor and irony.

h0E812839Donwload as many as you want and chose the ones that you like the best. They are all for free, and if you want to share some with us, please leave us a message.

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Photos of strange animals with no hair or feathers

Most animals are considered cute and even more when they are little babies. But, what happens when this little cute creature are hairless because of some sort of disease or physical condition? Would you think they are beautiful? Most of these animals with no hairs (or feathers) were born that way.

hairless-bald-animals-27Take a look to the photos of penguins, rabbits, rats, monkeys, kangaroos, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, raccoon, bear, parrot, and squirrel with no hair (or feathers). They look pretty strange and not so beautiful as the normal ones, but still they are very loveable.

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Best Horror films of 2014

The year 2014 has not finished yet, but there are some horror films that are some of the best scary movies made on the latest years.

Some of the horror films that will scare you this year are: Oculus, The Green Inferno, The Human Race, Willow Creek, The Purge: Anarchy and Deliver Us Devil, among many others.

Captura de pantalla completa 22062014 113717 p.m..bmpThese movies are base on horrifying spirits that some how enter our world to get vengeance. This year there no monsters or hideous creatures as the main story of these scary films.

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10 Great Disney movie quotes

The Disney movies have always been an icon on animated films and just now they are changing some of they characters to include a more diverse audience. Now you will see heroins and courageous women on their movies, for example. Nevertheless, they have always had great quotes on their movies, some of them have become very known and used or remembered frequently.


On the site Disney Forever you will see dozens of images with Disney movie quotes. Among the ones that you can find are from the movie Peter Pan, The Beauty and the Beast, The Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin, etc.

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The truth behind some urban legends

Urban legends are designed to scare us and to prevent us to do some normal things that usually we will do. But, are these urban legends truth?

Urban legends came from a somewhere, and through time and exaggeration, some of these stories have grown to become scary tales that you should be careful with. This time Mathew Santoro created a video where he tells you the truth behind some of the most known urban legends in the US.

These urban legends are actually true! are you even more scare than before?

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5 Epic dragons in Anime movies

Dragons are such interesting and magical creatures. Many people dream for them to be real and to sometime be able to touch one of them. Dragons also appear on Anime movies, and this time, we would like to show you the top 5 most epic dragons on Anime.

They are unique because of their huge dimensions and very different style, they are almost so cute to be a furious creature. If you remember one example of a dragon on an Anime movie, please share it with us.

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50 Tribal designs for tattoos

Before going to the tattoo store, check out this tribal ideas. Tribal tattoos need to be clean, very dark and the lines very fine. Chose carefully the professional who is going to draw the tattoo on your skin and also chose well the design. On this site, you will find around 50 tribal ideas for different body parts.

Best-Tribal-Tattoo-DesignsSometimes, the tattoo does not have to be huge to look nice and impressive. Just with a very well done design you will have the greatest tattoo.

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