3 Great Happy Birthday videos

Saying just Happy Birthday y boring and impersonal, but sometimes we don’t know how to find the right way to say it. Change the way you wish a Happy Birthday and send a video with congratulations on a great day. We have two options for you, Voca Poeple, the Minions and Frozen style, although you can find more options on YouTube with Happy Birthday videos key phrase.

Happy Birthday from Minions

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10 Amusement parks abandoned in the world

Amusement parks are places of fun and screams. They are great places to visit with family and friends and forget about problems and just enjoy the rush of great speed and heights.

There are always tones of people, until they get abandoned and forgotten for some reason and the owners let them rot with time.

headMost of them have closed because of financial concerns or accidents that have hit the administration of the park very hard. Each abandoned amusement park has it owns story.

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Creepy photos of ghosts wandering around

What is it about ghosts that makes us so afraid to turn off the lights? if they really exist, they live in another dimension and they cannot touch us, or could they? In any case, we are afraid of what we don’t understand and don’t see. We can just feel the presence of these spirits and sometimes we can get them to appear on some weird and creepy photo.

article-2188507-148BF132000005DC-514_634x421Check out these ghosts pictures and decide if they are for real or just a great photo manipulation. Every pic is known to be a real one.

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Hate and Love pics to share on Facebook

Love and hate are almost the center of our lives. We hate many things but we love so many others, and our lives are divided between these two forces.

Sometimes you have loved so much that when something bad happens all that love becomes hate. The pain could change the perspective of love and transform good feelings into something no so good.

imagesCheck up this great selection of pictures of hate and love, and probably you will find a couple that will be great to share on your Facebook.

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The scariest horror movie weapons

I always wonder what the writer was thinking when he or she created some of the most horrible movies ever made. It is very interesting to get inside the minds of these people and watch for a second the train of thoughts they are having at these moments of creation.

The horror movies are a compilation of scary moments and horrible weapons use to kill all the characters on the story.

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Best soccer commercials for Brazil 2014

This 2014 is a year of big emotions because of the Soccer World Cup Brazil 2014 and many companies have created a unique and very nice commercial to make their products pop up and be on the field of action, and also to make an statement about the soccer fever. Soccer is the sport with more fans in the world, so it is only natural that everyone if so happy to see all the games during this year.

Here are some of the best commercials of 2014:

Pepsi Commercial

Adidas Commercial

There are some other that compete to be the best commercial of this World Cup 2014, like Nike and Gatorade:

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Top Emo bands of 2014

There are top ten lists for everything and this time we want to share the top 10 for emo bands in the world. You will probably agree with some of them, or perhaps you would like to add some other names to the list, please do! leave us a message and let us know what you think.

Mean while, here is the top ten list of Emo bands:

  • Black Veil Brides
  • My Chemical Romance
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Paramore
  • Escape the Fate
  • Bullet for My Valentine
  • Falling In Reverse
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Evanescence

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Send a unique Birthday card to a friend

Another way to wish a Happy Birthday is sending a animated birthday card directly from the web site kisseo. There are dozens of interesting happy birthday cards for free and you just have to choose one and send it over the internet.

As soon as you chose the one that you want to change, write an e-mail address of the recipient and add your personal information as well.

Captura de pantalla completa 29062014 075808 p.m..bmpYou could even program the card to arrive on the date and time that is best, and that way you make sure you will not forget to send it on time.

Link: Send a Birthday Card

Best books of 2014 so far

On the first half of 2014, there already is a list of bestseller books that you must read. We want to share that list with you as a recommendation for your next buy. On the list you will find history, graphic novels, young adult fiction, literary fiction, espionage, and gastronomy, among others.


  • Michael Lewis, Flash Boys
  • E. Lockhart, We Were Liars
  • Kai Bird, The Good Spy
  • BJ Novak, One More Thing
  • Phil Klay, Redeployment
  • Sally Green, Half Bad
  • Alan Moore, Miracle Man Vol 1
  • Lawrence Goldstone, Birdmen
  • Slivia Laing, The Trip To Echo Spring
  • Michael Gibney, Sous Chef

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Top 10 Horrible medical scams

Most people hate to visit the doctor or any health professional, even if it is for a quick check up. Imagine if the people you trust your health are the real criminals that you should be afraid of.

rbrb_0441I am sure that if you read these top 10 horrifying scams committed by health professionals, you will be even more afraid to visit the doctor and will be more careful choosing the person who is going to help you be in good health.

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