Best 7 iOS games of 2017

Today we make a review of the best 2017 games for iOS. We recommend you some of the titles that lead the charts in Apple devices. From the RPG adventure Galaxy of Pen & Paper to the exciting puzzle game Monument Valley 2. Take a look to the thrilling list of videogames of 2017 for iOS.

Super Mario Run

The first official Mario mobile game. It is and endless runner done by people who know to make games. It has colorful levels and a very precise control, all you can ask for a game of this kind. The negative point is the price. You need to pay 9,99 to play the full game, and it also include in-app purchases.

Link: Super Mario Run


Compilation of Apple icons for use on the computer

Apple is a very big company with thousands of gadgets and mobile devices that are very famous in the entire world. We can meet a lot iPhone and Mac fans on the Internet and we share with all of them a compilation of Apple icons for use on the computer. The compilation included classic and modern icons, historic Mac computers and gadgets, Mac apps, hand drawn iPhone, legendary Apple mobile phones, gloss Mac, Apple Store Louvre, Apple Festival and mucho more.

Compilation of Apple Icons icons apple icons

Mobile apps

Shoot pictures with movement with ActionShot for iPhone

The iPhone is compatible with thousands of mobile apps very useful for create beautiful images and for take pictures with different effects. Now we recommend the free application ActionShot for iPhone that’s lets you shoot any movement and turn it into a sequence shot. You can capturing the course of an action in a single image.

ActionShot for iPhone action pictures pics mobile

Mobile apps

Create old pictures in your mobile with free Vintage Camera for iPhone

Today we have a spectacular app for iPhone that is useful for create old pictures with the camera of our iPhone mobile phone. This app is one of the most popular on the Apple world with more than 7 million users worldwide. This application has different effects for your photos for give them style. You can configure the Flash option, import photos directly from the iPhone photo album and a lot of useful things.

old pics mobile with free Vintage Camera for iPhone