Awesome graffitis around the world

The unrestricted and rebellious art of graffitters from around the world in a gallery full of designs that will inspire you. From grafittis in the hearth of the city to art expressions in the middle of the slums.


Web ring you a selection of 40 of the most impressive grafittis around the world.


Short love poem to send by text messages

Some people say that to keed the flame of love you have to really work on it. Falling in love is easy but to keep that feeling through rutine, work, family and time is very hard. That is why the little details are so important; sending flowers, a text message, a little kiss or just a love poem over the phone may do the difference between one day an another.

IMG_0726Take a look the following little poems long enough to send over the cell phone. Poemhunter is a site where you can find the best love poems shared by people that have the talent and the feeling to create little pieces of written art.


Horror artists and their art

Artists such as Ben Fenton, Tattoo Bob, Ashley Thorpe, Tanya Lane, Shawn Conn and Lana Barboza, among many others, have a great sense of what is truly scary. Their work depicts the horror of death, blood, killers, body parts and all the things that one person can imagine in the darkest place of their mind.


It is an art that is difficult to see for some, and very interesting for others. Each artists is presented with a little biography and their horror art. Take a look and tell us what you think!


32 Gothic art with skulls

Gothic art is very unique in its way of portraying dark people and their way of representing their world. This time, we want to share a compilation of digital Gothic art created by hybridlava. The main theme that unify this particular collection are the skulls and how they are depicted from one digital artist to another. The quality of these Gothic digital drawings is great, and many of them have the artist signature somewhere on the image.



The most amazing street art of 2013

Cities would be more interesting if we had lots of street painters do some art on all boring white walls. Of course, there are a lot of people that will disagree with me, but first, take a look to the following pictures of the most amazing street art of 2013, and let me know what you think of them. Some are truly amazing and will add something unique to otherwise boring city.


Design Pictures

The greatest Halloween nail art

Prepare yourself for Halloween and get the most out of it. At flavorwire you will find the 25 greatest nail design ever seen. Some of them are actually disgusting, with some blood and funny aspect. Others have incredible portrays of Frankenstein, Zombies, Dracula and other interesting movie characters, such as Freddy Krueger and Jason from Halloween Movie, among others.


Big compilation of nails art pictures for inspiration

The art on the nails is a tendency in these days, and a lot of girls adore be creative with her nails for show to their friends. In the gallery below you can see summer nail art, flower nail art, color nail art with different styles, funny nails and other designs for use in different and important events. Do click in the link for enjoy all the pics.

nail art pictures art nails 2013


Fantasy gothic girls art wallpapers and pictures

Enjoy the most beautiful art in the dark world of gothic pictures, the combination of beauty and darkness, sweetness and evilness, gothic vampire girls, obscure dreams and medieval structures that have a lot of details. The pictures in this compilation included different art stiles and a lot of dark images that are perfect for use on the PC screens, tablets, smartphones or other devices. Do click in the link my friends.

Fantasy gothic girls art wallpapers 2013


Anime artistic pictures and videos for share on Facebook

The anime is an artistic culture with a lot of very good artist that create incredible images on manga and anime series on TV. These Japanese cartoons are very popular on the world and we have a link for you that included very interest texts and pictures with artistic details for share on Facebook or download on the PC or the smartphone.

anime artistic pictures 2013


Art designs very beautiful for computer creations and share on Facebook

Enjoy this compilation of beautiful designs create by talent artist around the world. These images are perfect for computer creations and for share on Facebook too. The compilation is very big and included more than 20 pics with artistic details for inspire you and for use on social networks. Do click in the gallery below.

1 Art designs very beautiful for computer creations 2013