4 great rock album covers of all time

Rock music is not only about electric guitars and powerful riffs. There is also a great deal of work involving designers and visual artists that convey the symbolism of the band in wonderful covers. We love good cover art, so we are going to make a top 4 of our most beloved rock covers from the last 50 years.

4. American Idiot – Green Day (2004)

The album contains songs that directly show American stupidity and ways of being. The album cover is not that different. It shows a hand grenade with the shape of a human heart, as a mimic to Communist propaganda. It is a way of showing the spirit of the band and the disc in the nation’s post 9/11 conflicts. Continue reading

Horror artists and their art

Artists such as Ben Fenton, Tattoo Bob, Ashley Thorpe, Tanya Lane, Shawn Conn and Lana Barboza, among many others, have a great sense of what is truly scary. Their work depicts the horror of death, blood, killers, body parts and all the things that one person can imagine in the darkest place of their mind.


It is an art that is difficult to see for some, and very interesting for others. Each artists is presented with a little biography and their horror art. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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Pictures of Taylor Swift for share on Facebook with one click

Taylor Swift is a very big star who has a lot of popular songs that sound in the world radios and on the streaming radios on Internet. All the fans of this American artist enjoy all the songs and share pictures with your friends on Facebook. The pictures that have today are official of Taylor Swift Facebook and you can share with all your friends with one click.

Pictures of Taylor Swift Facebook with one click

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Demi Lovato pictures for use on social networks

Demi Lovato is a big star and every day appears on internet different news related with these famous singer and actress. The fans love share pics of Demi Lovato on social network, forums, blogs and on different sites, and now we have a big compilation of Demi Lovato pictures for use on social networks.

1 Demi Lovato pictures for use on social networks 2013

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Pictures of Lea Michele of Glee for Facebook

Lea Michele is one of the most famous television singers in all over the world and he is a Glee star. This artist has millions of fans in all the planet and do different interpretations of the most famous pop and rock songs. Do click in the gallery below and download the pics.

1 Pictures of Lea Michele of Glee pics 2013 compilation

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Fantasy landscapes very beautiful for share and download

The fantasy exists in the imagination of a lot of artists who share beautiful pictures with all of us in the Internet and on the social networks. The fantasy pictures are always beautiful and in the gallery we have a big compilation of fantasy landscapes very beautiful for share and download. Enjoy all of pics my friends

1 Fantasy landscapes very beautiful share pics


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